2014 USDA Website Access.

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Today’s session is about how to access the new 2014 updated USDA APHIS website.

The USDA APHIS or the United States Department of Agriculture division of Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, is the federal governments department that is responsible for the safety of animals and the compliance of large scale commercial dog breeders or what we call Puppy Mills. The USDA redesigned their website for 2014. While the way you access it didn’t change, the look did, so here is a step by step tutorial on how to access the website. Remember, you can search all animal labs, circus’s, breeders and brokers.

2014 USDA Website Animal Welfare


This is the first page of the USDA APHIS Website www.aphis.usda.gov. Look to the left and see “Animal Welfare”, click on it.

2014 USDA APHIS Animal welfare page


On the left hand side is the “Animal Welfare Act” , click on that and you will go to the next page.

2014 USDA APHIS Animal Welfare page

Now, on the right hand side is the AWA Inspections, click on that link.

2014 USDA APHIS Inspection Link

In the middle of this page you will find a bold “Inspection“. Under this heading after a brief explanation of what the USDA is supposed to do, you will find “Search Active Licensees and Registered Facilities”. You want to click on this and it will take you to the “WARNING PAGE”. As best as I can figure, this page is meant to scare away anyone who is not serious about looking up inspection results. It basically says, that the government has the right to look at your computer while you are searching their inspection results, or that you can expect to have someone watch you as you search their site, you know the government, they are such voyeurs. Either way you have to say  “I Agree” or you can’t get in.

2014 USDA APHIS I Agree Page


So, you click I agree. and then you are taken to the basic search page. Oh, and just to make sure you really want to get in they may make you wait up to 90 seconds to load the page, so be patient.

2014 USDA APHIS Basic search License


We are now at the “Basic search license and registration page”. Look down to the second set of bold tabs in the middle os the page. Under “Results”, is the license and registration, click in the tab next to that, it will say “Inspection Information”. Click that. 2014 USDA Basic inspection page Inspect link

Ok now that the “inspection results” have been clicked. we are ready to search the inspection records. Be warned the web site is very slow. I think they do that on purpose so it is harder to access. I typed in PA to the search.

2014 USDA APHIS PA Search result


This is what the results are. I’m not sure what “C” means, maybe circus, “R” means research and “A” means breeder, “B” means broker. So lets see what our search came up with. Looks like 2 circus’s a breeder and 2 research labs. Lets look at the breeder first. On the far right of the page is a printer (you can click to print that result), then the “details” click that to expand the inspection results. Next is the customer number and type of license (A, B, C, R), the name of the organization or person, the date of inspection and then the results of the inspection. How many violations if any.  So let look at the breeder.

2014 USDA APHIS breeder number of dogs


She has no violations, but at the bottom of the page we can see how many dogs she has. She had 51 Dogs and 27 puppies at the time of the inspection. I can’t imagine all those dogs living inside the house as pets. Please play around with the web site. The more you use it the more you can get out of it. Look up Purina and see how many animals they have in their lab.

Here are some short cut links. To go to the USDA site www.aphis.usda.gov . To go straight to the “Warning Page” https://acissearch.aphis.usda.gov/LPASearch/faces/Warning.jspx


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