2015-11 Blind Dog Rescue Alliance November News Letter

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November 2015 Newsletter
Blind Dog Rescue Alliance is a not for profit 501 (c) (3) group of volunteers spread throughout the United States and Canada dedicated to helping blind and visually impaired dogs by: rescuing dogs in shelters, assisting blind dog owners, and educating the public about these wonderful dogs.






Animal Communicators

By Charlie Mozitis
I started in rescue 5 years ago when my wife and I adopted our Daisy, a long haired dachshund who survived living in a puppy mill for 4 1/2 years. We got into rescue to give back and pay forward to everyone who helped get Daisy to us. Because I have about 30 years experience in human healthcare with 20 years working as a paramedic, I like to help those dogs that really need the most help. When we fostered failed with our first Sr Duchess, she taught us the joys of Sr’s and to live each day to its fullest and never let anything stand in your way! I joined the BDRA to help blind dogs. I host a web site dedicated to helping humans help dogs, it’s an informational site to provides tips and tricks on dog care and rescue.

Animal Communication

An often over looked tool or asset to dog rescuer’s and pet owners alike, is the Animal Communicator. I know what you’re thinking… “is this legit and what exactly is an Animal Communicator”? I’m glad you asked. Animal communication is a special bond and awareness that certain humans have developed with animals. In reality, it is actually “animal listening”, as we all talk to our animals, we just rarely listen to them.

Let’s look at Animal Communication. When you go to a communicator, the Communicator will initially ask to speak with the animal. Most animals are more than happy to talk. Once the Communicator has created a bond, the owner can ask the communicator questions to relay to the animal. When the animal responds, the Communicator interprets the answer and relays it to the owner.

This is a great way to find answers to problems and/or to see if the animal is lacking anything. I routinely use Emerald DuCoeur (http://heartscontent.net). I first learned about Emerald from Cutter’s Mill pet food stores (which has since been bought by Concord pet foods http://concordpetfoods.com ), in the Philedelphia area. Emerald does 10 minute free “readings” on the weekends at various Concord pet food stores. I thought, “great, what a good way to see if she is good without, spending money”.

Well, let me tell you she is awesome! I believe that some people have the gift of “psychic” powers or the ability to “talk to animals” but I don’t know if everyone who claims to have this gift is legitimate. Emerald is simply amazing. She has a very calming way about her and she genuinely enjoys working with animals. She has been able to accurately describe the inside of my home through communicating with my dogs and she has been able to help us solve some problems. Our first dog Tucker is a mini Dachshund with a big dog attitude, he kept peeing in the bathroom. We saw Emerald and she talked to Tucker and besides describing our house, found out that Tucker saw the humans use the bathroom and so he figured that was where he was supposed to go to the bathroom too. Emerald said that Tucker needed help in remembering not to use the bathroom, so Tucker told her to have us place two small boxes on either side of the bathroom door. Tucker has been very good about not using the bathroom ever since.

Maggie, my Chihuahua would always find a hole in our fence and then go into the neighbor’s yard. Once on the other side of the fence, she couldn’t get back over. Emerald found out that Maggie likes bread, the neighbors throw bread out for the birds, Maggie would go over for the bread. Emerald told us that if we gave Maggie a tiny treat of bread every so often, Maggie agreed to stay in the years. Maggie has not left our yard since.

When we bring in a new foster dog, we typically take them to see Emerald so she can tell them that we are going to find them the perfect forever home; where they will have their own Mommy and Daddy that will love them forever. We ask if we can do anything for the foster dog. We found out that our Daisy likes tomato sauce, Ernie was tormented in his crate, Pops had a burning pain (probably a nerve pain) and Duchess was the “Strong Heart” and she regarded her mommy, Denise as being the “Wild Thing”. Of course Denise, Emerald and I had a good laugh at this.

I feel so strongly about Animal Communication, that I have taken a class that Emerald gives and I plan to take more. The class is pretty straight forward. You meet with Emerald and she explains that we all have the ability to communicate with animals, we just have to open ourselves up to allowing it to happen. We learn how to relax and get into a “receptive” state of mind. We look at a picture of an animal and we “ask” it if we can talk with them, when we get permission we can start talking. When the owner asks a question, we ask the animal and we wait for a response. Because this is intuitive, the reply or answer just appears in our heads. It may be a vision, word, sound, taste, smell, or feeling. We have to trust, that this is the correct answer and relay this “feeling” or intuition back to the owner. This is how “intuitive communicators” work ((https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TyAR_PveN7E).

In the class, we work with animals that Emerald knows intimately and she would ask us questions that she knew the answer to in order to validate our answers. To my surprise, it was easy to “talk” to animals and just as easy to listen and get the correct responses back. The key to success is practice. The more you get into the correct state of mind, the easier it is to get there. The more you talk to animals, the more confidence you have in your answers and ability.

Since taking Emerald’s class, I am always looking for practice to expand my own ability to listen and communicate with animals. If you would like me to read your animal, please email me at seniorhaven@comcast.net . I have to say that if you have a questions about your dog please go see or contact Emerald. If you want to give me practice email me and I would be happy for the chance to practice.

One important thing that I learned from my pets; talk to them. They listen and understand what you say. Please when you go to name them, please give them complementary names. Your pets have feelings and they want to feel special. My Pops, thought we named him Pops because he was old, we had to explain to him that Pops was a term of endearment, that we respected his wisdom and that we honored him with that name to show his status within our pack. He want to be called “Sweet Darling”, so we would also call him Sweet Darling when we cuddled him. Our Chihuahua Maggie wanted to feel pretty, so she asked us to call her Princess Margaret and she likes to be dressed up in dresses, so we do. I’ve seen a picture of a little dog that was a puppy mill survivor that had no hair and was emaciated and it was named “Shrimp”, I feel so bad for that dog, because she must be embarrassed by such a name, why would you insult this dog? I would have named it a very beautiful name to make it feel loved and cherished. So please take into consideration how your pet will feel about it’s name. I hope this was helpful.

Forever Fosters Are Looking ForForever Friends

Since the formation of Blind Dog Rescue Alliance in 2009, BDRA has rescued more than 400 visually impaired dogs. However, there are times when dogs looking for their forever home end up as a forever foster. Due to their age, health problems, or extreme shyness, these dogs will live the rest of their lives with dedicated, brave foster parents who make sacrifices everyday for them. This month we wanted to highlight our forever foster Claire.

Meet Claire


Claire is a special little girl with a sad history. Claire, with 22 other small dogs, was rescued from a Kentucky hoarder in mid-September. For her entire life, she lived in two rooms in knee-deep feces. She likely had litter after litter and was never vetted.

Claire is a 14 year old Chihuahua who had moderate renal failure (her bloodwork now is much better) and one tooth in the back. She can barely walk and some of her nails are completely upside down. She may also have an immune disorder. She was severely infested with Demodex mange (she had no hair) and had several skin infections, as well as eye infections. She had to be kept isolated for several weeks after she first arrived.

In spite of everything she has gone through, Claire is a sweetheart who loves to be cuddled in a blanket and rocked. She loves to be talked to and sung to. She loves sleeping in a soft bed and making a nest, especially when her blankets are right out of the dryer. She loves to eat! And she is very vocal when I come home from school! She also has a wonderfully feisty side, and whether this is a result of her history or has always been part of her personality, I’m sure this served her well given where she came from. Her first tail wag brought tears to my eyes.

A wonderful rescue, STAR, saved her and the other dogs, although unfortunately, Heaven, the most senior, did not survive. Claire is the second oldest who was rescued from the hoarder, and so far, she’s holding her own. Claire has been here since October 5th, and is now into her long road towards “health”. Her hair is growing back, but it is very patchy (it’s a beautiful red!), and w e work very closely with our vet. We’ve come a very long way but still have a ways to go.

Claire is sunshine and love rainbows and everything good. She will be treated like the treasure she is for the rest of her life!

While many adopters turn away from older, sick dogs our Forever Foster Parents are their own breed. Their priorities are second to these dogs and it shows through their dedication and loyalty. To quote one of our Forever Foster Parents, “the reward in knowing you saved a life and gave them a new beginning with a family that will love them till the end is priceless.”

BDRA is always looking for Forever Friends, someone who sponsors one of the organizations Forever Fosters with a monthly donation. In return for becoming a Forever Friend, you will receive monthly updates from the foster family. If you are interested in becoming a Forever Friend or learning more about our Forever Fosters, please click here http://www.blinddogrescue.com/adopted/bdrasanctuarydogs.html


Tips and Tricks For living with your amazing dog!!!

By:Heather Maher
Tips and Tricks For BDRA Moms and Dads

Without question, there is enormous joy in giving dogs with special needs a loving, safe home where they are cared for emotionally and physically. But it can also be stressful: there are medicines to dispense, vet trips to make, health conditions to monitor, new members of the family to train and integrate, and bills to pay. So this month, our Tips and Tricks column focuses on YOU, not your amazing dogs, because you can’t take care of them unless you’re taking care of yourself, too. We’ve pulled together a brief list of things that studies prove will help you de-stress, regroup, and regain a sense of calm when life gets a little overwhelming.

1. Write out your thoughts. Quiet your busy mind by closing your computer for a bit and organizing your thoughts on paper – it can help you problem-solve and reduce the stress of negative thoughts and troubling situations. Writing about the ups and downs of your daily life can help you to get perspective on your experiences and find lessons in them. Try writing for a few minutes before bed, which can help you sleep better.

2. Slow down your speech. Whenever you feel overwhelmed by stress, speaking more slowly than usual (even to your dogs!) can help you think more clearly and react more reasonably to stressful situations.

3. Breathe. The same is true of breathing. Breathe slowly and deeply. When you feel like everything’s going wrong, take three deep breaths that you hold for a few seconds before slowly breathing out.

4. Walk in nature (with your dogs!). Head to the woods or a green park or water. It’s been proven that walking through nature instead of on pavement along streets where cars and trucks are passing triggers positive changes in your brain.

5. Reward yourself. Plan something nice for the end of your day, even just a relaxing bath or half an hour with a good book. (Don’t surf the web, which increases stress!) Carve out as much time as you can away from distractions and don’t spend it planning tomorrow’s schedule. Doing something you enjoy will help you recharge to face another day.


Thanksgiving Turkey Dog Treats

1 ¾ cup garbanzo flour

3 – 4oz. jars of turkey baby food

Preheat oven to 350°. Mix garbanzo flour and baby food in a large bowl until you get a hard ball of dough. On a lightly floured surface, roll dough until you get a thin layer approximated ½ to ¼ inch thick. Cut dough with cookie cutters of your choice. Place cut outs on a parchment paper covered baking sheet. Bake for 25 minutes or until golden brown.
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BY:Dena Desantis



A gorgeous 10 year old Australian Terrier Mix, Fiona has been with BDRA a few short months. Found as an emaciated stray, after approximately 5 months under the loving care of her foster families, this “great little dog” is ready for her furever home. Fiona has cataracts in both eyes and is able to see shadows.

Fiona is great with all people, including folks at the veterinarian’s office. She is described by her foster mom as “a lap dog” who eagerly rolls over for belly rubs and will sit up and beg for food. This isn’t something she was taught by her foster family and it appears her prior family may have trained her for this behavior. She is happy to sit and snuggle while you watch TV and is fully housebroken. Her foster mom reports that Fiona is happy to go out in the yard, do her business and sniff around a bit but quickly returns to be let in for more snuggles. She is a relatively low activity dog but is leash trained and will go on walks with her person. Fiona doesn’t mind being pampered with a bath and pawticure followed by some one on one time with her human.

This sweet senior is diabetic and requires insulin injections every 12 hours. Her diabetes is under control with diet and medication. Fiona doesn’t complain about her shots, which she receives in her hind quarters. Despite being diabetic, Fiona has had no accidents in her foster home and can be left alone for 10-12 hours at this time. Fiona’s diabetes is easily managed, even if you haven’t cared for a diabetic dog before, and information on this condition is widely available. Fiona has no other medical conditions.

All personality, this 10 lb bundle of love does well with cats but doesn’t appear to like other dogs at present. She would do best as an only dog, where she can receive her human’s full attention and retirees would be a great fit to adopt this sweet, loving girl who would be thrilled to be your companion. Her foster mom notes that the more comfortable she is with her human(s), the less willing she will be to tolerate other dogs vying for your time and attention.

Able to entertain herself with toys, Fiona is a beautiful, playful and happy girl with a great smile who is seeking a family to call her own. If you’re interested in learning more about this beautiful dog, please see our adoptable dogs link .http://www.blinddogrescue.com/availabledogs.html

To meet all of our adoptable dogs please click here



Dogs That recently found their Forever Home

Coco 0e353589-2659-4b55-9058-d05858bdbfae


Grayson 25991453-480c-49af-a3b9-23736bd5f826


And a few updates from our alumni!


Brittany 7632ffb6-2f70-421d-8926-738e51e52cba

Britney is doing well. Though rather independent, she makes time for affection towards us. She is very much into seeking attention from our cats, but is extremely interested in our new kitten which Jean McConnell found in her backyard.

Britney is suffering from a small amount of pain from arthritis. That is she was having a limp walking. We are giving her pain medication and working on her losing some weight. Her lipomas have not changed in shape or size, but they do contribute to her weight.


PENNY 1aaf7772-23ba-4345-81bd-d4199b24ebcd

Penny was adopted last November. I took this picture of Penny yesterday afternoon. Our AC has been broken and so we are using fans. Penny discovered that mama’s bed is right in front of a fan, so a great place to cool down and relax.
Penny is about 3 years old and is a happy and healthy girl. She is still working on her bravery and now will leash walk to the edge of our neighborhood. This is a great accomplishment as she had been afraid to go to the edge of our building.
Penny and Robin, my shih tzu mix, love to chase around the house. They share a bedroom when I am out, and do so very well. Penny likes to chew on boxes so that is a bit of a puzzle for me.
She continues to be my 22 month old granddaughters best buddy. Amelia loves to hand feed Penny and Penny is so gentle with her. They are never alone and always closely supervised. Still love each other.


Kris Kringle

085949ca-3996-42ea-86c7-53e18dc76f61Kris is doing great! Little by little he has finally learned his manners. 🙂 Jumping up and nipping when he was really excited during play time was an issue for a little while, but it hasn’t happened in a long while now. He has not destroyed a blanket or dog bed in over a year 🙂 We still have to buy him super durable toys though! He did great at his check up this year. Everyone at the vets office loves him. One of the techs there has a dog with the same condition, so he gets a little extra loving from the staff.

It amazes me that Kris knows when my husband gets home before he opens the door. He will start doing the excited spinning towards the door 🙂

BDRA Fund Raiser

Fundraisers- How you can help support Blind Dog Rescue Alliance
BDRA has many ways to help support the cause- here is a short list of some of our upcoming and current fundraisers…..
BDRA fundraising is a very important part of rescuing, fostering, and providing fur ever homes for our puppies and older dogs. Many dogs come to us with medical problems and fundraising provides the money to cover these costs.

BDRA FANS!!! The 2016 BDRA calendars featuring Diello are in production! We expect the calendars will arrive the 3rd week of October and ship by October 30th to those who have already ordered their calendars. If you haven’t ordered your calendar yet you can do so at,https://fs8.formsite.com/blinddogrescue/form31/index.html.



Watch out Olive Garden!!!    3a980a92-78c4-40e9-a6d8-95b0d163e24d            The Blind Dog Rescue Alliance is raising money with Fun Pasta Fundraising!!! We are excited to sell Fun Pasta because there is a large selection of items, great price points, and fun products for everyone!!! Sharing the Fun with Pasta webpage (https://www.funpastafundraising.com/) will earn more profit for BDRA and help BDRA reach our goal! of $500.00 to help our blind foster dogs!!! Our fundraiser starts October 26th ends November 30th. Please share this post with out of town friends & family and help us get the word out!!!
With each online order placed, 40% of the sale (excluding shipping)
will directly support BDRA’s fundraising efforts!!! Plus Free Shipping on orders over $50!


Here is another great way to support BDRA and get artistic renditions of your favorite pet photo. CBarber-Art creates pet portraits which make wonderful, unique Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzza presents!!! For information on ordering your gift for that someone special, go towww.cbarber-art.com or email me at cbarber_art@yahoo.com. Thanks for supporting BDRA!!! And remember, in honor of CBarber-Art’s sweet Muffin, 10% of all portraits ordered now will go to Blind Dog Rescue Alliance to help other blind dogs find loving homes.This event goes from now until Jan 2016.

b59d60e9-e4b1-4b95-8563-902dfbe19de6Would you support Blind Dog Rescue Alliance with your next coffee or tea purchase? Every little bean and tea leaf helps because BDRA receives 25% from each sale!!! Giving Bean – Great Coffee and Tea for Great Causes is same-day Roast-and-Ship, so it’s fresh as can be!!! Affordable artisan teas too!!! Our BDRA fundraiser starts Monday September 28th to November 6th!!! To our coffee an tea loving fans – Thanks you for supporting BDRA!!! Please visit the Giving Bean website here and enjoy!

Blind Dog Rescue Alliance excited to announce a new fundraiser to help our blind foster dogs!!! United Pet Nation Fundraisers has joined forces with BDRA to raise money for our dogs in medical needs.
For every all natural pet treat you purchase they are giving 40%, YES, 40% to BDRA for the next 60 days!!
All treats are manufactured and sourced in the US and made to order! Next time you buy your bag of dehydrated chicken, pigs ears or any dehydrated treats….remember to shop here and help our dogs! The link iswww.upnfundraisers.com
ALSO, if anyone would like a PDF catalog to order through he mail, Please email fundraising@blinddogrescue.org
Thanks for supporting this and all our fundraisers!!! Together, we are making a difference for the dogs of BDRA!!!

As always thank you for your continuing support.
The Fundraising Team.



Volunteer Spotlight

Meet our special volunteers

By:Dena Desantis

Steve and Joanne Marsh

Steve and Joanne Marsh have volunteered with BDRA almost since its’ inception. Formerly involved with Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue, Steve and Joanne had a strong belief in Eric and Karen’s mission to provide care and adoption opportunities for blind dogs. Although Steve and Joanne had no prior experience with blind dogs, they jumped in to help in a number of capacities.

Over the years, Steve and Joanne have spearheaded the newsletter, coordinated fundraising, and served on the Board of Directors as Member at Large. Steve currently is the Volunteer Coordinator, working with a team to check applications of persons interested in joining the BDRA family. On a day to day basis, Steve and Joanne give back to BDRA as foster parents. During their time with BDRA, Steve and Joanne have fostered at least 9 vision impaired dogs, one of whom (Duke) was adopted to their neighbor. When asked about giving up foster dogs to an adoptive family, they acknowledge that while it’s hard, the “can give one up…to save another life.”

With four dogs in their household, Koko, Pono, Leilani, and Fiji, Steve and Joanne enjoy taking their pack for walks in the woods and frequently travel with them to their vacation home in Gettysburg, PA. Having been involved with other rescue organizations prior to BDRA, they point out “no other rescues will put money into a dog that BDRA does.” They take great pride in being part of the team that goes the extra mile to re-home and care for dogs others may see as unadoptable and continue to believe strongly in our mission.

Thank you to Steve and Joanne as well as all our volunteers! If you would like to recommend a volunteer for the Volunteer Spotlight, please e-mail newsletter@blinddogrescue.com

BDRA Mark Your Calendars
BDRA’s Upcoming Events!



EVENT: York Pet Expo
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EVENT: Pet Supply Plus
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EVENT: Concord Pet Foods (formerly Cutter’s Mills)
PLACE: 4275 County Line Road
(County Line & 202)
Chalfont, PA 18914
TIME: 11am – 3pm
CONTACT INFO: 215-997-5052


Rainbow Bridge- Remembering those who have gone before us…..
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