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2015-12 Blind Dog Rescue Alliance December News Letter


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0b9bda02-35be-4ec9-9f2c-455e672c7d8cDecember 2015 Newsletter0b9bda02-35be-4ec9-9f2c-455e672c7d8c

Blind Dog Rescue Alliance is a not for profit 501 (c) (3) group of volunteers spread throughout the United States and Canada dedicated to helping blind and visually impaired dogs by: rescuing dogs in shelters, assisting blind dog owners, and educating the public about these wonderful dogs.




Forever Fosters Are Looking For Forever Friends



She is a very sweet gentle girl who likes to sleep in her crate with the door open. That is her bed. She picked that place for her own.

Zara has had two clusters of seizures since she has been here. First time was the last week of April 2011.

The second time was the last week of August 2011 and that was the last time. Her seizures are now managed with Potassium Bromide 30 mg. taken every 12 hours. She does sleep a lot during the day, but enjoys going next door to get her treats with the rest of the dogs in her foster home. She gets along well with all the pets in her foster home, dogs and cats. She is just a very sweet gentle girl

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Tips and Tricks For living with your amazing dog!!!

Teaching Your Dog to Love Winter Booties
By Kate Naito, CPDT-KA

Kate is a positive dog trainer with Doggie Academy in Brooklyn, NY. She has a soft spot for dogs with special needs and currently has two visually impaired dogs.

‘Tis the season for youtube videos of dogs awkwardly clomping around in winter booties. To avoid having videos of your own to share, now is the time to get your dog accustomed to booties before winter really gets rolling. While blind dogs require a little more patience and a gentler touch, acclimating them to booties is no different than for sighted dogs.


What you’ll need to get started:
• Booties that are appropriately sized and appear easy to put on and remove
• The best rewards money can buy: boiled chicken, deli meat, string cheese, or something else your dog almost never gets
• Patience

Depending on your dog’s comfort level with having his paws touched, the steps will vary. Here is a general outline for the “average” dog:
1. Gently pick up and briefly hold the front left paw in your hand. Give an amazing treat.

  1. If that goes well, repeat handling with all four paws. Treat after each paw.

  2. Repeat as many times as needed until the dog is totally comfortable with this.

  3. Next time, briefly slip the bootie on the from left paw (or the most comfortable paw). Don’t fasten it. Immediately remove it and treat generously.

  4. For the next few sessions, follow Step 4 for each paw individually, until the dog is comfortable with the sensation.

  5. Continue this conditioning, but now fasten the bootie(s) and then remove.

  6. Slowly work your way up to putting all the booties on in one sitting, and removing them before the dog gets uncomfortable.

  7. When it’s time to start walking, choose a place in your home that is free of obstacles and not too slippery.
    If treats aren’t doing the trick, or if your dog gets mouthy when you manipulate his paws, you can give him a rawhide chewy or bully stick instead, which will keep his mouth busy while you practice. It helps to have another person hold one end of the chewy, to keep the dog still while you work on the paws.

Happy holidays, and happy training!
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Buyer Beware

By: Charlie Mozitis
I started in rescue 5 years ago when my wife and I adopted our Daisy, a long haired dachshund who survived living in a puppy mill for 4 1/2 years. We got into rescue to give back and pay forward to everyone who helped get Daisy to us. Because I have about 30 years experience in human healthcare with 20 years working as a paramedic, I like to help those dogs that really need the most help. When we fostered failed with our first Sr Duchess, she taught us the joys of Sr’s and to live each day to its fullest and never let anything stand in your way! I joined the BDRA to help blind dogs. I host a web site dedicated to helping humans help dogs, it’s an informational site to provides tips and tricks on dog care and rescue.


Do you know where your dog food really comes from? The answer is not as simple as one might think. Do you to understand where your dog food is produced, the origin of the ingredients, or who the real manufacturers are when it comes to the final product? Did you know many brand name dog foods are made by the exact same manufacturer or wonder why a dog food recall effects so many brands? If you have, then you certainly aren’t the only one. Below is a list of examples as to precisely why that is.

One of the major dog food manufacturers is Diamond, they make many of the top brand name foods we all see at the pet store. Diamond makes the following foods (http://truthaboutpetfood.com/who-makes-what-in-pet-food/): 4Health, Apex, Canidae* (recently purchased their own manufacturing plant – it is not known when they will or if they will move all manufacturing to their own plant) Chicken Soup, Country Value, Diamond, Diamond Naturals, Kirkland, Natural Balance dry, Nature’s Domain, Premium Edge, Professional, Solid Gold, Taste of the Wild, and Wellness (one variety).

Simmons, on the other hand makes a lot of canned food varieties such as: Blue Buffalo can, Canidae can, Castor Pollux Can, Life’s Abundance Can, Nature’s Logic Can, Ol’ Roy Can, Dogswell can, Evolve can, Petcurean can, and Nature’s Variety can.

The up side to “farming out” the food production to a manufacturer is it becomes low cost to produce it. Someone else has the cost of having the machinery, storage of ingredients, etc. The down side is, you can’t control the quality of the food when it is produced this way. For example, Blue Buffalo advertises that they are an all grain free food that never uses by-products. Purina initiated a third party lab analysis of Blue Buffalo and found grains and by-products in the food. Blue Buffalo has since admitted to using grains and by-products in its grain free foods. Blue Buffalo has blamed their subcontracted manufacturer for adding ingredients that were not approved of.

Another problem with of not knowing where your dog food is coming from is understanding who actually owns the brand. Many times large corporations will buy smaller better quality dog foods to capture that market, then they will change the dog food ingredients to create a bigger profit margin for themselves. Purina has just bought Merrick Dog Food. I would watch the ingredients of Merrick dog food closely going forward to see if it changes. Historically, companies wait about 6 months to a year before they change the food. Usually just long enough to gain customer confidence that the quality will not change, then they change it.

Rumors are out that Mars (M&Ms), is also looking to buy Blue Buffalo. Mars also owns these brands: PEDIGREE, IAMS, WHISKAS, ROYAL CANIN, BANFIELD., CESAR, NUTRO, SHEBA, CHAPPI, CATSAN, FROLIC, PERFECT FIT, GREENIES, EUKANUBA, CALIFORNIA NATURALS, INNOVA and EVO.

Purina is owned by Nestle, these are some brands they own: ALPO, Beggin’, Beneful, Chef Michael’s, Deli-Cat, Fancy Feast, Felix, Friskies, Gourmet, Just Right, Mighty Dog, Purina Beyond, Purina Cat Chow, Purina Dog Chow, Purina ONE, Purina Pro Plan, Purina Veterinary Diets, Secondnature, and T Bonz.

I find that the larger corporations are worried about profits and not quality, so they tend to use cheap ingredients that are often frozen or preserved. I like small independent dog food makers. My favorite is Orijen, it is owned and produced by the same company who controls all aspects of the food; from raw ingredients to storage of the final product.

The bottom line of this article is to ask you to please do your homework and research your dog food before you purchase it. Please buy the best quality dog food you can afford. Your four legged friend deserves the very best.


BY:Dena Desantis


Missy Angel

Due to inverted eyelashes, this fluffy sweet Bichon/Poodle mix has no sight in one eye and minimal vision in the other. Missy Angel, estimated to be 5 years young, was surrendered due to her elderly owner’s inability to care for her. Having been with BDRA in foster care for 2 months, this happy and playful girl is seeking a forever home to call her own.

Missy Angel was trained on wee wee pads by her previous owner and is working on learning to potty outside. Her foster mom is proud to report that Missy Angel loves to walk outside and responds well to praise when she does her business outside.

A snuggler by nature, Missy Angel enjoys sitting close to her foster mom on the couch, nuzzling close to her. Missy Angel was able to quickly learn the layout of the house and follows her foster mom around to make sure she’s always where the action is! Missy Angel does well with other dogs in her foster home and allows ‘snout to snout’ contact.

Always up for a robust game of tug of war with her foster mom, Missy Angel is an interested and alert young lady who knows commands and is obedient. Her foster mom points out that Missy Angel does require to be led on walks and will be close to her side. Described as ‘a love,’ Missy Angel is untested with children and cats at this time.

Are you the right fit for this adorable girl? Could you see yourself snuggled up on the couch with a forever friend who will give you all the love she has to give? If so, please apply to adopt this wonderful little lady.

To meet all of our adoptable dogs please click here



Dogs That recently found their Forever Home






And some updates from our Alumni



Freedom was adopted last November and is doing great and is loved tremendously



Adopted in Nov 2011 and doing fantastic!!!

Bud bud was adopted last November, and he has done a lot of traveling! And is doing well!

Sweet Potato previously Skunk (Onyx) was rescued in January 2015 from ACCT in Philadelphia by my husband John through BDRA. We took him to Dr. Glickstein who helped him greatly with his eye problems. Evan Silverstein adopted Sweet Potato in March. At a Doctor’s appt. one day she said I think I see his sibling. She then produced a photo and they even had the same eye condition! Well the two brothers finally met! It’s amazing how things work. We cannot be happier!
John & Teresa Riley

BDRA Fund Raiser

Fundraisers- How you can help support Blind Dog Rescue Alliance
BDRA has many ways to help support the cause- here is a short list of some of our upcoming and current fundraisers…..
BDRA fundraising is a very important part of rescuing, fostering, and providing fur ever homes for our puppies and older dogs. Many dogs come to us with medical problems and fundraising provides the money to cover these costs.


BDRA FANS!!! The 2016 BDRA calendars featuring Diello are in production!
We expect the calendars will arrive the 3rd week of October and ship by October 30th to those who have already ordered their calendars. If you haven’t ordered your calendar yet you can do so at,https://fs8.formsite.com/blinddogrescue/form31/index.html.


Here is another great way to support BDRA and get artistic renditions of your favorite pet photo. CBarber-Art creates pet portraits which make wonderful, unique Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzza presents!!! For information on ordering your gift for that someone special, go to www.cbarber-art.com or email me at cbarber_art@yahoo.com. Thanks for supporting BDRA!!! And remember, in honor of CBarber-Art’s sweet Muffin, 10% of all portraits ordered now will go to Blind Dog Rescue Alliance to help other blind dogs find loving homes.This event goes from now until Jan 2016.

Blind Dog Rescue Alliance excited to announce a new fundraiser to help our blind foster dogs!!!

United Pet Nation Fundraisers has joined forces with BDRA to raise money for our dogs in medical needs.
For every all natural pet treat you purchase they are giving 40%, YES, 40% to BDRA for the next 60 days!!
All treats are manufactured and sourced in the US and made to order! Next time you buy your bag of dehydrated chicken, pigs ears or any dehydrated treats….remember to shop here and help our dogs! The link is www.upnfundraisers.com
ALSO, if anyone would like a PDF catalog to order through he mail, Please email fundraising@blinddogrescue.org
Thanks for supporting this and all our fundraisers!!! Together, we are making a difference for the dogs of BDRA!!!

As always thank you for your continuing support.
The Fundraising Team.


Volunteer Spotlight

Meet our special volunteers

By:Dena Desantis

Rose Abrams

A life-long dog lover, Rose Abrams was “lucky enough to find someone as crazy as I am when it comes to animals” in her husband and soul-mate. How’s that for a perfect match?

Rose got her first dog at only 6 months of age from a loving mother who wanted her to grow up with a fur-ever friend. The Chow puppy grew up with Rose and lived the life of a cherished friend until passing away at 17 years old. Since then, Rose has raised many dogs well into their teen years including Sparky, Brutus, and Amanda. However, it was Scruffie, dog Rose loved until her passing at 21, that led Rose to learn more about blind dogs and ultimately find BDRA. Diagnosed with glaucoma at age 10, Rose investigated every possibility to aid Scruffie until she went blind at 15. Living the last 6 years of her life completely blind, Rose found that she took the change in sight worse than Scruffie. Dedicating herself to providing for whatever Scruffie needed, Rose was very much prepared to jump in with both feet when she stumbled upon BDRA after the dog’s passing.

With a long history of providing a loving home for rescues, Rose and her husband are foster failures to a 14 year old blind Poodle, Gigi. Abandoned in an apartment for 3 days before Saint Francis led Rose to her, Gigi was left without food or water and with all the windows closed during the heat of the summer. Although Rose’s aforementioned adoring husband initially said that he didn’t want another dog, a late night trip to the vet led Rose to bring Gigi home for the night, at which time said husband immediately fell madly in love with this very special 10 year old girl. That was 4 years ago. Gigi is currently one of 4 in their pack.

A self described ‘Shepherd person,’ there’s not a shepherd to be found in Rose’s pack. With three dogs weighing in between 12 – 14 lbs., Rose and her husband eagerly open their home to dogs in need. While manning the BDRA booth at an event, Rose’s husband uncharactistically asked her to walk up a hill with him. There they found a Beagle, Buddy, who melted his heart and joined their family the very next day. With her husband having a penchant for Beagles, he and Rose set off to the local SPCA after a neighbor mentioned there were Beagles for adoption. Although there weren’t any Beagles at the shelter that day, Rose couldn’t turn away from Gidget, a Chihuaua/American Eskimo mix. Rose proudly pointed out, “She’s MY dog.” And then there’s Squirt, a Yorkie who was previously owned by a neighbor who could no longer care for him after having a baby. Although he wasn’t up to date on his shots and hadn’t been neutered, Rose and her husband decided he was a good fit for their family and invested in the necessary care for him. Over the last 6 months, Squirt has settled in as the newest member of the family. He’s loved by his fur siblings and is enjoying being spoiled beyond his wildest dreams.

Rose’s fur kids hold a very special place in her heart. Although Rose and her husband planned to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with human family, they made sure to have a special turkey dinner ready for their fur-children for Thanksgiving. Thankful every day for her pack, Rose is quick to point out that she and her husband “love them very much.”

A doting mom and grandmother to her children and grandchildren, Rose passed her love of animals on to her family. Aside from having human grandchildren, Rose is also a proud and loving grandmother to Stella, a Pit Bull Terrier. Rose notes, “There is no such thing as a bad dog!”

Living in the greater Philadelphia area, Rose works full time as a property manager. Rose is active with BDRA at events, including the monthly meet and greet in Concord, PA. She assists with transports along the I95 corridor, processes applications volunteer applications (including yours truly’s), and supports BDRA fundraisers. Knowing that she’d continue to be a foster failure for BDRA, Rose supports BDRA in many other ways. Thank you for all that you do, Rose! You’re not “just a volunteer,” your passion is what makes BDRA a strong rescue organization and a great family!

BDRA Mark Your Calendars

BDRA’s Upcoming Events!


EVENT: Pet Supply Plus
700 Nutt Rd.
Pheonixville, PA
TIME: 10am – 2pm
EVENT: Concord Pet Foods (formerly Cutter’s Mills)
PLACE: 4275 County Line Road
(County Line & 202)
Chalfont, PA 18914
TIME: 11am – 3pm
CONTACT INFO: 215-997-5052

EVENT: Pet Supply Plus
700 Nutt Rd.
Pheonixville, PA
TIME: 10am – 4pm


EVENT: Canine Carnival
PLACE: Morning Star Presbyterian Church
1 Morning Star Way
Bayville, NJ 08721
TIME: 12noon – 4pm
SET UP: 11am, no earlier church services will be in session – breakdown after 4pm
RAINDATE: No raindate
CONTACT INFO: Karen, 1-732-779-4968, karen99lyn@aol.com

EVENT: Petoberfest
PLACE: 1623 Whitesville Rd.
Toms River, NJ 08755
TIME: 11am – 3pm
CONTACT INFO: Jersey Shore Animal Foundation, Kim@JerseyShoreAnimalFoundation.org

Rainbow Bridge- Remembering those who have gone before us…..




Marley– adopted in May of 2013 passed away in the loving arms of her family this month.

Yara– Diagnosed with bone cancer six months ago, laid to rest October 31st, 2015, when the pain was too much.
Eleanor– her mommy wrote:
When I brought Eleanor home four years ago, she made a bed of leaves outside and thought that’s all she would get. She became a spoiled princess with six dog beds to choose from, including one that Jeremy made just for her. Today, we had to say goodbye to Eleanor, and we are heartbroken

Windsor– His mommy wrote:
I lost my Windsor last night. He was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma 2 weeks ago. We decided to go homeopathic and try to keep him comfortable but only got 2 weeks. His 7th birthday is December 5, but we celebrated it last week and I am so glad we did. My Windsor was rehomed to me 5 1/2 years ago at the age of 1 1/2. He was a BIG boy weighing in at 134 pounds. He was very shy and panicked easily, and my Timber became his mentor and I mean whatever Timber did, Windsor would mimic. It really is a good thing to have more than 1 dog, in my case 8 more. Timber has been sick for over 2 years, and never in my life did I think I would lose another dog before him.
I am lost, devastated, heartbroken. He was my “momma’s boy”. He slept either in my bed or at the foot of the bed on the left side on the floor. He drank massive amounts of water that I thought he would float away. He had a huge water bowl in my bathroom, one in his kennel and of course the 2 bowls in the kitchen.
I am finding it very hard to sleep. I don’t know what to do. RIP Windsor, my sweet boy. Mommy loves you and I hope you cross over the Bridge to be whole again.

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