2016 Blind Dog Rescue Alliance February Monthly News Letter


February 2016 Newsletter
We are a 501 (c) 3 group of volunteers spread throughout the United States and Canada dedicated to helping blind and visually impaired dogs.

In this issue:

Whats that smell? Dedicated to our new puppies at BDRA!
Join a Team! This months spotlight : Transport….Meet Rose!
Fundraising: Check out our new cookbook and Have a heart fundraisers
Rainbow Bridge
Check out our upcoming events
Look who got adopted this month!

Many thanks to our contributor Charlie Mozitis who also writes for his own blog “Daisy’s Rescue”

We all want to have our dogs house broken, but from time to time our dogs have an accident. Whether we were away from the house too long, or maybe our dog is older and has a problem holding their bladder until we can take them out side, accidents do happen. We are going to look at what causes the smell and how we can clean up the mess. I will say that some breeds of dogs are much harder to train then others.

Having said all that, I wanted to get some good information that actually works on those stubborn, smelling dog pee stains. After spending some time on the web, I found that the same 4 ingredients kept coming up: Baking Soda, Vinegar, Dish Soap, and Hydrogen peroxide. So basically you have 3 options to clean those stains.

1. There is the “Home Made Pee Spray” method. 2. The commercially available enzyme / oxy clean pee spray. 3. The use of a carpet cleaning machine.
Regardless of the method you choose the key to keeping the pup from destroying your favorite flooring is to clean the mess right away- and of course- KEEP TRAINING!

Check out the entire step by step process complete with pictures and ideas here!

Here is our Happy 2016 video- please enjoy!

Join BDRA’s Team!

There are so many ways to help BDRA and the many dogs we save each year! Throughout 2016 we will focus on many of our teams and how they make what we do possible! Without volunteers we can not achieve anything!

Meet Rose one of our amazing transport volunteers (by Dena Desantis).
Rose Abrams

A life-long dog lover, Rose Abrams was “lucky enough to find someone as crazy as I am when it comes to animals” in her husband and soul-mate. How’s that for a perfect match?

Rose got her first dog at only 6 months of age from a loving mother who wanted her to grow up with a fur-ever friend. The Chow puppy grew up with Rose and lived the life of a cherished friend until passing away at 17 years old. Since then, Rose has raised many dogs well into their teen years including Sparky, Brutus, and Amanda. However, it was Scruffie, dog Rose loved until her passing at 21, that led Rose to learn more about blind dogs and ultimately find BDRA. Diagnosed with glaucoma at age 10, Rose investigated every possibility to aid Scruffie until she went blind at 15. Living the last 6 years of her life completely blind, Rose found that she took the change in sight worse than Scruffie. Dedicating herself to providing for whatever Scruffie needed, Rose was very much prepared to jump in with both feet when she stumbled upon BDRA after the dog’s passing.

With a long history of providing a loving home for rescues, Rose and her husband are foster failures to a 14 year old blind Poodle, Gigi. Abandoned in an apartment for 3 days before Saint Francis led Rose to her, Gigi was left without food or water and with all the windows closed during the heat of the summer. Although Rose’s aforementioned adoring husband initially said that he didn’t want another dog, a late night trip to the vet led Rose to bring Gigi home for the night, at which time said husband immediately fell madly in love with this very special 10 year old girl. That was 4 years ago. Gigi is currently one of 4 in their pack.

A self described ‘Shepherd person,’ there’s not a shepherd to be found in Rose’s pack. With three dogs weighing in between 12 – 14 lbs., Rose and her husband eagerly open their home to dogs in need. While manning the BDRA booth at an event, Rose’s husband uncharactistically asked her to walk up a hill with him. There they found a Beagle, Buddy, who melted his heart and joined their family the very next day. With her husband having a penchant for Beagles, he and Rose set off to the local SPCA after a neighbor mentioned there were Beagles for adoption. Although there weren’t any Beagles at the shelter that day, Rose couldn’t turn away from Gidget, a Chihuaua/American Eskimo mix. Rose proudly pointed out, “She’s MY dog.” And then there’s Squirt, a Yorkie who was previously owned by a neighbor who could no longer care for him after having a baby. Although he wasn’t up to date on his shots and hadn’t been neutered, Rose and her husband decided he was a good fit for their family and invested in the necessary care for him. Over the last 6 months, Squirt has settled in as the newest member of the family. He’s loved by his fur siblings and is enjoying being spoiled beyond his wildest dreams.

Rose’s fur kids hold a very special place in her heart. Although Rose and her husband planned to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with human family, they made sure to have a special turkey dinner ready for their fur-children for Thanksgiving. Thankful every day for her pack, Rose is quick to point out that she and her husband “love them very much.”

A doting mom and grandmother to her children and grandchildren, Rose passed her love of animals on to her family. Aside from having human grandchildren, Rose is also a proud and loving grandmother to Stella, a Pit Bull Terrier. Rose notes, “There is no such thing as a bad dog!”

Living in the greater Philadelphia area, Rose works full time as a property manager. Rose is active with BDRA at events, including the monthly meet and greet in Concord, PA. She assists with transports along the I95 corridor, processes applications volunteer applications (including yours truly’s), and supports BDRA fundraisers. Knowing that she’d continue to be a foster failure for BDRA, Rose supports BDRA in many other ways. Thank you for all that you do, Rose! You’re not “just a volunteer,” your passion is what makes BDRA a strong rescue organization and a great family!
Join us and lets all get these dogs HOME!

Transport: Transport@BlindDogRescue.com

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Fundraiser Focus

I don’t know about you but I have been sitting knee deep in snow here at the end of January and all I can think about is comfort food! Tis the time of year to cook up all our delicious favorites- and what better way to create new memories AND please your loved ones then with new recipes! Available now- THE BDRA COOKBOOK!!!
The cookbook features recipes for PEOPLE and PETS!!! The back cover features BDRA foster, Hero. Hero is available for adoption and to be your cooking assistant!!!! The cookbooks are $10 plus $5 for shipping.

Also- don’t forget about our February have a heart fundraiser!!! Show your love!

BDRA’s 2016 Valentines Fundraiser – The BDRA Have a Heart fundraiser is back!!! This fundraiser benefits the blind foster dogs of BDRA!!! Show and share your love for your favorite pup with a virtual valentine you can print or share on social media. Use this link to make your donation, upload your pet picture and create your virtual valentine:https://fs8.formsite.com/blinddogrescue/Heart2016/index.html
For the next two weeks, BDRA will post completed virtual valentines in our facebook album and you can share, tag, and print them for friends and family!!!
Thank you for having a heart and helping BDRA!!!

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Foster spotlight
Are YOU ready to meet the love of your life?
Puppies, puppies puppies…BDRA has been invaded by the puppy parade…. check out some of these adorable babies who will be ready soon!




Zimba  2fe0a2a7-c4e8-4daf-a9ac-690025817d78

Tiberus d5f096a1-f2dd-4e38-a450-f0851f79531b

Amelia fb140a77-08db-4a07-9319-419372c21a18

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Rainbow Bridge

BRDA adopters recently said goodbye to these beautiful dogs.
We recently learned that Aggie passed away in August 2015 of advancing heart disease. Aggie was fostered by Jessica Jameson and then went to her forever home in January of 2013. Aggie was a sweet little girl who was very much loved by her mom, Helene, and also by her foster mom, Jessica Jameson.

Rocky, who was a forever foster passed away in his sleep, January 2016. Barb, will miss you. 42997018-684f-40b3-af07-4871fbf2a795

Pebbles, has passed away. Her last day was spent doing one of her favorite things, walking outside on a grassy field. She was adopted in January, 2012, and will be missed by her family who loved her and felt fortunate to have had her in their lives.b33df619-6267-460b-95ad-bf173c60d6cb


Upcoming Events

For a list of all upcoming events check us out on facebook:

You do not need to sign up for an entire day. Even a couple hours helps.

To sign up to volunteer at an event, please email dkmaialetti@verizon.net. Thank you!


EVENT: Canine Learning Experience
PLACE: Allentown Agri Complex
302 N 17th St.
Allentown, PA
TIME: 9:30am – 4pm
SET UP: 6am
CONTACT INFO: Jean Theman, 610-868-9031

EVENT: Canine Learning Experience
PLACE: Allentown Agri Complex
302 N. 17th St
Allentown, PA
TIME: 9:30am – 4pm
SET UP: 6am
CONTACT INFO: Jean Theman, 610-868-9031

EVENT: Pets Plus Supply
PLACE: 700 Nutt Rd.
Phoenixville, PA
TIME: 10am – 2pm
CONTACT INFO: Chris or Paul at the store

EVENT: Pets Plus Supply
PLACE: 700 Nutt Rd.
Phoenixville, PA
TIME: 10am – 2pm
CONTACT INFO: Chris or Paul at the store

Events Contact


Look Who Got Adopted!

December 2015

Rosabelle 26c05389-84c4-4b9d-8db2-a929352ce678

Lucy 92de5e48-274d-4982-827b-2c4c829b7f16

Jasper and his brother Stuart! 0162c014-713d-4b28-a3fc-9cade46ef76f
Olaf 2da9905f-f986-40f1-9bf6-05e1447affbb
Joey d21596ca-82b2-4d95-85c8-ad92d41b32fe10809478-ed6d-45ac-a6c6-34f22ae7fd2c

Edgar f69428ce-9f09-4368-8a97-e96758fc7b3b

Dori a11a7d55-7851-4ab9-b1a2-4f90819d7189

Congratulations on your furever homes!

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