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We have a precious, sweet, 5 year old, blind, little boy, Grover, a Tibetan Terrier X with neurological issues in our care and to give him the best chance to walk, to have a long and happy life, it is imperative he have an MRI. If everyone who sees this would donate just $5.00 or $10.00 we will reach our goal quickly! He will be seeing a Neurologist at Tufts Animal Hospital, associated with Tuft Veterinary School, and have the MRI there. We need your help, please!!! We estimate the total cost to be around $3,000. Please help us give this sweet and gentle soul the best life he can possibly have. If there is any monies left over they will be set aside for Grover’s ongoing care.

Grover's first night with his new foster Mom.
Grover’s first night with his new foster Mom.

It is believed that Grover has Hydrocephalus (water on the brain) and Vertigo, perhaps caused by a malformed inner ear. There is no way to know for certain, or to know the best way to treat his symptoms without the MRI. Grover struggles to stand and then walk without falling over. It is heartbreaking to see and know he wants to be able to run and play like every other dog, and right now, although greatly improved since coming into our rescue, cannot! We believe he is very bright and can lead a long and happy life with the right treatment. Our hope is he will be able to stand, walk and run without losing his balance and falling over! Since coming into our rescue Grover has been brought utd on all vaccines, has started on some meds to help him with his balance, and had a bilateral eye enucleation (eye removal). He was blind and had been suffering with very painful eyes! He loves to cuddle and sit in the sun! Please help Grover! No donation is too small and all are very much appreciated! This little Sweetheart is so worth it! Thank you!

Grover just after surgery.
Grover just after surgery.

Blind Dog Rescue Alliance is a 501 c3 non profit rescue. We are an all-volunteer, foster based rescue and all contributions are tax deductible! Our website is at Since being created 6 years ago we have taken in over 400 dogs with vision issues, and helped save at least another 7,000 or more thru our networking!

Grover all healed from eye surgery.
Grover all healed from eye surgery. Grover is such a handsome boy!

UPDATE 8/29/2015! – It is with a broken heart we have to update that when Grover had the MRI it showed about 80% of his brain had been destroyed by the untreated Hydrocephalus. The MRI showed us what Grover needed, it was just not the answer we wanted. We brought Grover home, gave him the best day we possibly could then gave him the peace he would never find this side of heaven. He was set free while he was resting in his favorite place to sit in the sun. RIP our precious boy! Run with the Angels! A piece of our heart went with you, you did not go alone, and you will be in our hearts forever!

Grover enjoying his yard.
Grover enjoying his yard.

The total cost for the MRI & consultations etc for Grover will be around $2500. We are increasing this fund raiser to $5,000. The $2500 to help cover the costs for Grover, and another $2500 to go into a special neurological fund here, so the next time we learn of a dog with neurological issues we will be able to save that dog too, and very quickly give them an MRI if necessary. We have named this fund The Grover Project, in his memory.

We appreciate your donations. Please share this fundraiser and donate if you can. If everyone who shared this donated just $5, we would be at our goal. Thank you!

To donate money to The Grover Fund, please click on this link

As one of his foster parents, I can attest to how sweet and gentle Grover was. He is truly a very special soul. We were heart broken to hear the news of his passing. We were very happy that he was with his other foster Mom Marilyn. We know how much she loved him and was at his side comforting him when he pasted. Grover has taken a piece of many hearts with him. There is a little comfort knowing he is at piece and no longer has any disabilities or pain. Please help us raise money to help other dogs. Thank you.


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2016 BlindDog Rescue Alliance January News Letter

New year, new newsletter! See what’s happening at BDRA in 2016!


January 2016 Newsletter
We are a 501 (c) 3 group of volunteers spread throughout the United States and Canada dedicated to helping blind and visually impaired dogs.

In this issue:
Five Ways to Engage Your Dog in 2016
Join a BDRA Team
Fundraiser Focus
Foster Spotlight: Meet Levi
Rainbow Bridge

Five Ways to Engage Your Dog in 2016

by Kate Naito, CDT-KA

Kate is a positive dog trainer with Doggie Academy in Brooklyn, NY. She has a soft spot for dogs with special needs and currently has two visually impaired dogs.

This is the perfect time to implement new good habits to start the year off right for you and your dog. Here are some suggestions to keep your dog engaged year-round.

Set aside time every day to play with your dog. For dogs that don’t care for fetching or chasing toys, try a “find it” game, in which you hide toys or treats around the room, and then invite your dog to “find it!”

Turn meal times into a game. Stuff your dog’s dry food into a Kong, puzzle toy (Nina Ottosson makes great ones), or Busy Buddy… or even make your own with an empty jar. Kongs are great for wet food, too.

If your New Year’s Resolution is to lose weight, include your pup! Take one long walk a day, and use the walk as a time to reinforce your training. Ask for a “sit” or “down” at crosswalks, and occasionally reward your dog when he is walking politely alongside you.

Rotate your dog’s toys, so he has access to about three at a time. After a few days, pick those up and give him three “new” ones. Keep rotating, so the toys never get boring.

Teach your dog a new trick. Calm dogs might like a “play dead” or “sit pretty,” while excited dogs would enjoy a paw target (touching his paw to a certain object, like a light switch). The possibilities are endless!


Join BDRA’s Team!
There are so many ways to help BDRA and the many dogs we save each year! Throughout 2016 we will focus on many of our teams and how they make what we do possible! Without volunteers we can not achieve anything!
We currently have NO VOLUNTEERS for our Public Relations team; we could really use some help getting out the word — please if you’re interested contact us!
Below is a list of the current teams we have; feel free to fill out our volunteer form or email the team for more specific info and keep your eyes peeled for our spotlights!

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It’s 2016 and EVERYBODY needs a new calendar to start the year, right? May we suggest a BDRA calendar? Great photos and an even better cause! Order yours today!


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Foster spotlight
By: Dena Desantis

Meet LEVI!


This incredibly handsome Miniature Pinscher by was surrendered by his owner to a high kill shelter at 10 years of age. At that time, he was not housebroken and was suffering from retinal keratosis. This condition has been easily treated with eye drops by his foster family. As a result, Levi is 90% sighted. During his two years in foster care with BDRA, Levi has been housebroken with only the occasional accident, when he tinkles on his bed. At 19 pounds, he’s up to date on his shots and has no medical issues, although he doesn’t like his nails touched.

Levi has developed into a quite the snuggler and eagerly gives kisses. He does well with other dogs and enjoys the company of his housemate, an English Bulldog puppy. Levi’s foster mother believes that a younger dog, up to 40 pounds or so, will be a good match for Levi, as he enjoy s rough housing and chasing cats in the house. He is not food aggressive with other dogs although he continues to work on responding to commands and being patient to take treats gently.

A true MinPin, Levi will not always come when his foster mom calls his name. Characteristically quirky, Levi loves car rides and loves to snooze in a laundry basket or burrow under the covers. He is crated during the day while his foster mom is at work and is happy once he’s in his crate but getting him into the crate can be a challenge. Levi can be startled by quick movement and may defensively nip when frightened, although he’s never bitten anyone in his foster home. He was recently boarded when his foster family was on vacation and did exceedingly well there, getting a glowing A+ report at the end of the week!

At 12, Levi gets around well for his age. He loves to play with balls or a stick and will try to bring them back. He walks well on the leash and does not dig in the yard. It’s felt that he will do well in a home with older children who are experienced with dogs.

To apply to adopt Levi, please click here…

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Rainbow Bridge

BRDA adopters recently said goodbye to these beautiful dogs.
Rose Abrams recently lost her beloved Stella, who passed away in her sleep.
Six year old Yara, who was adopted in 2010, passed away due to bone cancer.
Marley was adopted in May of 2013; she passed away peacefully in her loving mother’s arms.
Peggy Davis lost her beloved Bones this month.

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PLACE: Allentown Agri Complex, 302 N. 17th St, Allentown, PA
TIME: 9:30am – 4pm
SET UP: 6am
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Look Who Got Adopted!
December 2015

Joey 10809478-ed6d-45ac-a6c6-34f22ae7fd2c

Lucy 7f916697-351f-45f4-b0d1-fe8f7aff483d

Magpie 3a7d6095-4c27-4bb7-a69f-490183152fe0

Penn 95ef339e-6055-4049-b6f8-010b6a5f2a55

Olaf a7c3536d-9cef-4951-b6e5-5c92bff918b5

Kosmo 145f683e-f2e5-49bf-a3b6-b15e87695e85

Sakari 867f5405-18ad-475a-a531-3e1bf9c0c833

Sinatra (sorry no picture)

And our sweet Lilli who was adopted just at the end of November.

Congratulations on your furever homes!

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