Making Your Garden Pet Safe

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Today’s session is from Chamile, who loves her garden and her dog, but sometimes they don’t love each other. She writes when she is not busy with work and home chores.
How to make your garden dog friendly

Taking a dog as a companion in your home is a great decision. This type of pets are extremely loving, easily trained and will make a great addition to your family, especially if you have kids. Choosing your new friend is easy but with that also comes the responsibility of preparing your home for the incoming. The house must be secured and the necessary improvements for the dog must be in place. The outdoor environment also must receive your attention because the dogs likes to have as much space as possible and a thing like a garden, for example, would turn out to be its favourite playground.

If until now you’ve worked on your garden in a certain pattern, after you bring your buddy home everything will change. Introducing a few improvements here and there in this area will make you feel more comfortable and calm that your dog is all right out there and they won’t take up much of your time.


Secure the fencing
The fence is the first and most important thing you should provide for your garden. The heigh of the fence should be suitable for the kind of dog you are getting. For instance, a breed like husky requires a stronger and higher fence because with the time this type of dogs get pretty large and could jump over almost anything. You can also put some fencing around the areas which look dangerous for your pet or which you’ve recently worked on. Later you can arrange rocks as a border and a warning for your dog not to go there.

The plants shouldn’t be hazardous
Dogs are known for their love of chewing plants, that is something that you won’t be able to change no matter how hard you train your pet. Better take the necessary precautions in advance, if you don’t want to risk poisoning your dog unintentionally. In case you are not familiar with the nature of some of the plants in your garden, better consult with the veterinarian.

Safe cleaning detergents and pesticides
The products you use for cleaning your garden and fighting the pests in there should also be changed, Bayswater cleaning carpets  suggest. Unlike us, the dogs are constantly in contact with the earth because they are shorter and their fur collects particles from everything they touch. The pesticides and herbicides you are using now are probably very toxic and might have a bad effect on your new buddy. To protect it, better start using more eco friendly detergents and products when cleaning the garden. Just in case, limit the access of your dog to the treated areas anyway.
Don’t forget the dog house
Your garden won’t be entirely dog friendly until you put a nice little house for your favourite pet. This is a place where your buddy will rest after hours of running and playing in the garden and like the other things it has to be specifically designed according to the breed. You can easily buy one, there are hundreds of different models on the market these days or you can make it yourself. If you choose the second one make sure that you use safe and resistant materials which will survive the test of time and the teeth and claws attacks of your pet.

The preparations are done and now all that is left to do is go out and bring home your new furry friend. After you make the necessary beneficial improvements in your home and in your garden you will see that you and your dog will feel much better and most importantly, will get along better. There are still a few rules you have to teach your pet but that will happen naturally. For now just enjoy the companionship of your new best friend.

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