hope alumni know that their relationships with the college and with each other do not end at graduation.

hg0088现金官网alumni have proven generous with their time and advice to students and fellow graduates. through lifelong learning and career development, relationships formed at hope change lives both on campus and in communities everywhere. tapping into the potential of this network is a powerful way to bring your career to life.

when you graduate with a hope degree or complete at least 45 credits, you are officially a member of the alumni association. it’s free and an automatic part of your lifelong relationship with hope. as a member, the college and alumni volunteers will work hard to keep you in touch with your inner dutch through events, affinity connections and career resources.

You can stay connected and be an active member by activating your profile on The Hope College Connection, updating your information, making plans to connect at a Hope event, referring a student and exploring ways you can get involved.

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    Posted by Gregory Olgers

    hg0088现金官网at hope, ellen tanis ’90 awad and nancy benda ’17 were mentor and student. three years later,...

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    the hope college alumni association board of directors appointed four new members and elected two...

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    hg0088现金官网we are living in tragic and turbulent times. in the midst of a pandemic of both covid-19 and raci...

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  4. Quarantined at Hope

    Posted by Isabel Lopez '23

    hg0088现金官网a year ago i was in honduras receiving my last high school class, and i said my last goodbyes to ...

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  5. Thank You Front-Line Alumni!

    Posted by Chanda Slenk

    are you a hope graduate currently working on the front-lines during the covid-19 pandemic? or do ...

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  6. Keeping Hope Alumni Town Hall

    Posted by Blogs Administrator

    hg0088现金官网this is a time when we can come together as a community to show the world the power of resilience...

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