Bartley’s For Dogs, Not Your Average Pet Supply Store

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Today’s session is about Bartley’s For Dogs, not your average pet supply store!

This is Jason from Bartley’s For Dogs online store, telling the story  of how Bartley’s got started.

Four years ago, I adopted Bartley, a Dachshund Jack Russell Terrier puppy, from a rescue group in Oklahoma. Without exaggeration, I can say that Bartley changed my life, and opened my eyes to the wonderful life of having a dog. From living in New York City to moving out to San Francisco, I cannot imagine these past four years without him by my side.


But all of this almost didn’t happen. Bartley was part of a litter of puppies that were left, along with their mother, at a high-kill shelter. The overcrowded municipal shelter didn’t have the time, space, manpower or money to care for these pups, and it was only a matter of time before they would end up on the euthanasia list. However, thanks to a local rescue group, the dogs were saved and all found loving homes.

Sadly, as many of us know, so many other dogs don’t get rescued and their stories don’t have a happy ending. An estimated 3-4 million dogs are killed in shelters every year. Think about that, 3-4 million dogs. Every year. And these are dogs of every age, breed and ability level.

It’s because of the tireless work of rescue groups that many others, including Bartley, are saved. Most rescue groups are run by volunteers with small budgets and high expenses. In the fight to save every dog, these groups need help. And that is how the idea for Bartley’s was born.

Bartley’s is an online shop that sells high quality dog toys, treats and accessories. We also sell gifts for humans who love their dogs, like magnets, notebooks and tote bags. We feature respected name brands like Zuke’s, West Paw and Kong with an emphasis on goods made in the U.S.A. Our prices are always competitive to other dog shops.

But the best part about Bartley’s? Bartley’s partners with rescue groups across the country to help sponsor dogs in need. Proceeds from every single purchase go directly towards helping a specific dog and rescue group. When you purchase a product, you receive a unique code that allows you to see pictures and stories of the dog you helped save online. By purchasing a toy or treat for your dog (or even a gift for yourself!), you are helping save another dog’s life. It’s that easy.

Without a doubt, our favorite part of starting Bartley’s has been hearing the “happy ending” stories of dogs we’ve helped. And it’s all because of our amazing customers we’ve been able to partner with rescue groups to sponsor these dogs and give them a new beginning.

Past sponsorships include the cute Yorkie in Florida who was abandoned by her family and found with mange, a respiratory infection, and malnutrition. The rescue group took her in and helped get her healthy and up for adoption. There was also the faithful Lab mix in Georgia who was found with no food and limited water sitting beside his owner, who had passed away three weeks prior. The rescue group there taught him how to play again, and helped him gain weight and undergo modified fast kill heartworm treatment. Another example is the Collie mix in Virginia who came to the rescue group as a scared and abandoned puppy. She’s since been adopted and is taking strides to become a more brave and friendly dog.

We love hearing about these success stories and we love helping the rescue groups do the tough job of providing this care. Little by little, dog by dog, together we can make a difference and work to ensure every dog gets their happy ending.

Thank you Jason  for a great article. Thank you for helping dogs and making dog rescue personal! Please visit Bartley’s at their web site and like their Facebook page . If you want to contact Bartley’s here is their email:

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