Brush those Teeth, it’s for more than a Great Smile! …. part 3 of 3

Welcome back to Daisy’s Rescue. Today’s lesson is part three of a three part article on Doggie Dental Hygiene. Usually we stay to a single post articles, but we have so much information to tell you we are dividing it up into three posts. Up until now we talked about, liquids that are added to drinking water, gels, powders and pastes.

Now we bring you to the last way to keep your dogs teeth clean is using dental chews. I use Greenies 27 oz Canister Teenie 96 Count, again, they say that they have proof that their product cleans the teeth of the dogs. I’m not sure. My dogs love the taste of them, but they are really high in calories and the main ingredient is wheat. I am not a fan of grains in dog food or treats. There are a few other brands of dental chews out there, again they are all high calorie and high in grains. I use these sparingly as I am not sure they actually work. As with everything, use your own discretion.

A quick review, There are liquids that can be added to drinking water that kills germs and or change the PH of your dog’s mouth to keep bacteria growth at a minimum. There are powders that claim to kill the bacteria in the dog’s mouth and keep tartar and plaque to a minimum. Gels are wiped on to the dog’s teeth and are supposed to kill germs and prevent plaque build up. Paste is the gold standard that is brushed onto the teeth of your dog and the plaque is removed with the brushing.

Remember that keeping your dog’s teeth clean does more than just make the teeth white, it keeps your dog healthy and prevents many seemingly unrelated diseases. Your veterinarian is your first line of information and advice for your dog’s health. Alway’s learn as much as possible about how to take the best care of your loyal buddy. My dogs are family and get treated as such.

I hope this has helped you learn about brushing your dogs teeth without being too technical, but still teaching you why it is very important. Please feel free to leave comments and or share your experiences. Please follow us on face book Daisy’s Rescue, you can follow us on RSS. If you like to learn more about the products mentioned in this article or wish to purchase them, please use the links that I provided.

Maggie licking the gel on her teeth.
Maggie licking the gel on her teeth.


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    Greenies treats not only contain wheat, they contain wheat gluten. In addition to risking allergic reactions in dogs with wheat sensitivies, which is common, wheat gluten is NOT appropriate for canines or felines and does not properly digest, risking intestinal blockages and gastro issues. There ARE indeed many high quality, GRAIN FREE dental treats available, such as Zukes ZBones for just one example, or Whimzees, or many other options available, that provide the dental chewing benefits without using harmful or less than ideal ingredients, many of these are readily available at quality pet health stores. In order to effectively clean teeth, remember the dog has to gnaw, not just chew up, a treat. Raw bones are ideal for this, as are bully sticks, tendons, chicken/turkey necks, etc etc

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