Memorializing Your Pet

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Today’s session is about creating a memorial for your pet that has passed.
Today Dale Wescott of Zone 13 Tattoo and Piercing Studio, is our guest writer today talking a bout “how one can properly memorialize their pet with a tattoo”.

One of the most difficult questions an artist is confronted with…how to memorialize the loss of a pet. The difficultly often begins with most artists reflecting upon the relationships with their own pets. Despite popular stigmas, many of us in the tattoo industry are animal lovers, and have forged a deep love of our four-legged friends. They are not pets; they are family. There is nothing more rewarding, or satisfying then our companions greeting us after a long-day at work.

The next step is often the most crucial; ensuring the client has processed their grief completely, and is not acting in the “heat of the moment.” We as artists must to choose our words carefully, while offering the best suggestions. As an artist, we have an obligation to render the best possible creation for our clients. We want to explore all options to ensure the individual’s vision is mastered. I like to sit-down and get to know the person and the relationship they shared with their pet. Although this often evokes emotion, it is the best possible way to develop a concept for a tattoo. We explain to the potential client, that the process of tattooing is permanent and that our wish is to make this a celebration of life instead of a spur of the moment mistake that will last a life time. I feel it better to offer many a suggestion while allowing the client to ponder concepts, rather than live in the “would’ve, could’ve, should’ve.”

As for ideas, we are often asked, what is the best way to memorialize the loss of a pet? This is specific to the individual. We offer suggestions and work off of your ideas. That said, I feel it best that the client has thought the decision to get a tattoo through and has a “rough” idea of the final rendition. Here are some ideas I feel pay our departed friends homage:

Portraits: This is a fantastic tribute, and completely embodies the memory of their friend. A portrait can be either done realistic or of the animated version, and captures a moment in time. The only limitations in realistic portraits are, body placement, and direction of the pose. A portrait needs to be placed on a flat surface as not to distort the picture, and needs to face in the proper direction to flow with the body’s anatomy. When selecting an artist for a portrait, demand to view their work, and ask if they are comfortable working within this medium. There is nothing more disheartening than seeing a portrait that is anything less than perfection. Far too often, many an inexperienced artist will enter into this realm without the ability to “nail it.”
A favorite toy: The relationship between our friend and their buddy is nothing less than amazing. Through their life, we experience joy and laughter as they share their daily adventures with that special toy.
Flowers that represent their name: I included this because it’s an option that allows the wearer to know what the meaning is, without requiring an explanation to others.
Script: I included this last for personal reasons. It is my opinion this does not completely embody the essence of a pet. Opinions aside, this is another option available to the client.
Bottom line, we are entrusted with an opportunity to share in the grief-process, assist in the healing process and hopefully deliver some degree of closure. Long after a client has left the studio, we remember their story and hope we have assisted in capturing the client’s vision while bringing them peace.

As for the selection of an artist, don’t be fearful to ask questions. In addition, view their portfolio and ask to preview the work prior to receiving the tattoo. If you wish changes to the drawing, discuss these with the artist in advance of your appointment. Finally, never let cost be a consideration in the selection of an artist. As I’ve stated before, the art of tattooing is permanent. Despite what reality television has promoted, the removal process is painful, expensive and often leaves scaring. Also noteworthy, be hesitant of an artist that offers to do the tattoo on the spot; there is good reason an accomplished artist requires an appointment.

I hope this advice was helpful. We at ZONE 13 Tattoo wish you well and offer our sincere condolences for your loss. As always, we are here to assist you in your time of loss, and to celebrate in your pet’s life.

Thank you Dale for a great article and one that is near & dear to our own hearts. We are currently considering a memorial tattoo to one of our own departed pack members. It’s over a year since our Duchess passed  and we are still contemplating  our memorial.

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Guest Bloggers Wanted

Welcome to Daisy’s Rescue. We are all about helping humans and rescue groups learn useful tricks and tips on how to take care of and rescue dogs. Please feel free to leave comments and questions you may have for us. We are here for you. For your convenience we have added links to the products that we like to use, and or are featured here in the article. Use these links to find the product to purchase or to research.

We are currently looking for guest bloggers! The best way to help humans, help dogs, is to share our experiences. So if you have a great tip, or you have a lot of experience with dogs or you just want to get involved in rescue, we want you to guest blog with us. The subjects can be on anything that can helps dogs and animals, writing about how to blog, how to use twitter, how to use Face book, how you way your dog, tips on training, etc.

We are also looking for comments about this site and the articles and podcasts we publish. Help us help you! Tell us how we are doing. If you want to see an article on a topic, let us know.

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What’s That Smell? How To Clean Those Accidents

Welcome to Daisy’s Rescue. We are all about helping owners and rescue groups to learn helpful tricks and tips on how to take care of your dog(s). We are here for you to help with useful information on all types of routine dog care. Please feel free to leave comments and questions you may have for us. For your convenience we have added links to the products that we like to use, here in the article for you to find them more easily.

Today’s session is about taking care of those accidents that happen from time to time.

We all want to have our dogs house broken, but from time to time our dogs have an accident. Whether we were away from the house too long, or maybe our dog is older and has a problem holding their bladder until we can take them out side, accidents do happen. We are going to look at what causes the smell and how we can clean up the mess. I will say that some breeds of dogs are much harder to train then others.

Having said all that, I wanted to get some good information that actually works on those stubborn, smelling dog pee stains. After spending some time on the web, I found that the same 4 ingredients kept coming up: Baking Soda, Vinegar, Dish Soap, and Hydrogen peroxide. So basically you have 3 options to clean those stains.

1. There is the “Home Made Pee Spray” method. 2. The commercially available enzyme / oxy clean pee spray. 3. The use of a carpet cleaning machine.

Here is the “Home Made Pee Spray” method.

You need to gather the following items.

1.  Baking Soda,  2. White Vinegar,  3. Dawn Dish Soap, 4. Hydrogen Peroxide Solution.

I also recommend  Pet Pads, instead of paper towels. In fact, using human “Chux” under pads may be cheaper.

Lets get down to business. Sometimes you can actually see the urine stain on the floor. Sometimes you can see invisible urine stains with a black light or ultraviolet light. I use a small pen light that is made by  Streamlight (police use the same type to check ID’s). There are other ultra violet lights on the market as well, that you can use, Portable 6 inch Blacklight is one of them. Now I have had some really smelly stains and not be able to see them either with the naked eye or the backlight. When that happens I resort back to my old stand by, my nose. I get right down on my hands and knees and sniff the carpet until I find the offensive area. Once I have found it, I attack it with one of the above methods. I really don’t have a favorite and I find that one doesn’t work universally, so I keep a few on hand.

We will start with the home made do it yourself stink remover.

1. Once you found the spot, if it is still wet, use the pee pad to remove the excess pee from the rug. I put the absorbent side down and I step on the spot. I move the pee pad slightly and step on the spot again. I do this until I can no longer see the spot being absorbed onto the pee pad. Don’t Move the pee pad yet!

2. Get the water and the vinegar together and mix 50/50. Now removes the pee pad so you know where the spot is. Spray the spot, almost soaking the spot. I let it sit for about 1 or 2 minutes and then I get a clean pee pad and soak up the water and vinegar mixture just like before. Leaving the pee pad over the spot so I can find it.

3. This step has two variations. Variation1. Wait until the spot is dry and then cover by sprinkling baking soda over the spot. Then mix 1/2 cup of hydrogen peroxide and 1 teaspoon of dish soap together and then pour over the baking soda and work in deep into the carpet and then let dry. Variation 2. Mix 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide and 1 teaspoon of dish soap together and pour over the spot, saturate the spot and then pour baking soda over the spot and work in deep into the carpet. Then let dry.

4. Once dry vacuum the powder and the stain and the smell should be history.

Commercially available Pee spray method.

1. Find the spot (using the same techniques as listed above. Eyes, UV light or nose).

2. Spray one of two types of sprays, I’m currently using OUT! Pet Stain and Odor Remover,    and  OUT! Oxygen Activated Pet Stain & Odor Remover. There is actually a third that I have not used yet, OUT! Orange Oxy Pet Stain and Odor Remover, 32 oz.Of course there are other brands that you can buy and use. If you have a favorite, leave a comment about it. Now you spray the spot until wet. Most will say allow the spot to stay wet for about 10 minutes, then remove the moisture with a pee pad and stepping on the stain until the pee pad stops absorbing the moisture.

3. Allow to dry. Smell and stain should be gone.

The last and most aggressive stain remover is the carpet cleaner!

You can rent one from the local super market or you can buy one. Since I have Dachshunds and I foster, I bought one. Actually I have bought 3, two broke and the third is relatively new. I started out with the BISSELL ProHeat 2X Healthy Home Full Sized Carpet Cleaner, 66Q4, it worked well and we had it for a few years and then we broke the plastic “dome” where the water is sucked up. It wasn’t a defect or a matter of wear, it was a matter of dropping and stepping on it. So then we bought the BISSELL DeepClean Lift-Off Full Sized Carpet Cleaner, 66E1, in concept this would be great if you cleaned a lot of cars or had a lot of steps, or even small stains, but I really didn’t think it worked as good as the previous Bissell when it was together and we ended up breaking the hand held wand when it was apart. The hose tore and made the unit unusable. So I went out and did some research and found the  Hoover MaxExtract 60 PressurePro Carpet Deep Cleaner, FH50220, so far I like this the best. It has a unique feature where it blows dry warm air over the carpet to dry it faster. When ever you use a carpet cleaner you need to use hot water and of course rug shampoo. Each maker has their brand of shampoos in different formulas. Choose the formula you think that will do the best job.

1. Locate the spot using the techniques above.

2. I like to pretreat the spot with either the vinegar and water mix or the commercial sprays.  Then I prepare the machine.

3. I like to go over the carpet about 4 times with the hot water/solution spraying the area. Then I go back over the area with just the machine suctioning up the water and dirt. I do this until I can’t see any more water being sucked up. I do my entire rug this way. I do small stains this way too with the hand held nozzle. After all is said and done, your rug should smell better and the stain should be gone.

Sometimes, the stains return even if the dog has not reused the spot. I’m not a carpet expert, but I have been told, that this is because the stain has soaked into the bottom of the carpet and or the carpet pad may need to be removed and or replaced.

I’m not sure why some pee stains glow under a UV light. I couldn’t find a definite answer on the web, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say it is because of the phosphorous content of the urine. The UV light makes the phosphorous glow, thats also why some white shirts and shoe laces glow as well. Below are three pee stains, two are invisible, but glow under UV light and the third is a visible stain that does not glow.

This is an invisible pee stain stain. Invisible Pee stain

This is the same stain under UV Light UV Pee Stain

This is a visible stain Visible Pee Stain

This is the same visible stain under UV light with no other lights on (no glow)Visible Pee Stain Under UV

This is an invisible stain Another Invisible Stain

This is the same stain under UV light (glow). Another Pee Stain under UV light


If you have a secret to how you remove stains, please let us know so we can share. We welcome all comments.

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New Features on Daisy’s Rescue

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Here at Daisy’s Rescue, we are always trying to help you and rescues. We are now featuring dogs from rescue’s that are looking for their forever homes. We are asking rescues to send us a picture of the dog they would like us to feature. At this time we are requesting just one dog from each rescue at this time. We are hoping to make this a regular feature. More importantly we are hoping to help some very deserving dogs find homes.

Another feature that we are trying to establish is “Senior Sunday”. Here are are going to feature Senior dogs that need forever homes. Senior’s are great dogs and deserve a nice loving home to spend their retirement. Please help us make this happen! We are asking all dog rescues to send us a picture and a bio of a deserving Senior and we will feature them every Sunday on our site.

These features are important to us, we really want to help dogs get their forever homes, but we need your help! If you are a rescue, if you know of a rescue, if you know some one who knows someone who knows a rescue, have them contact us and or send us a picture and bio on a Senior.

This wed site, Daisy’s Rescue, was created to help you, the everyday, down in the trenches dog rescuer and the everyday ordinary to extraordinary dog companion. The articles here are to help each other learn and make life easier for all of us involved in rescue or the care of a dog. We welcome comments, we welcome ideas, please share your experiences. If you share your experience and it keeps me from making a mistake or doing something a harder way, then we have succeeded. I can’t stress this enough, this site is here for you, for all of us, with the goal of taking better care of dogs.

There are so many people out there that are doing extraordinary things, helping dogs. From protesting pet stores selling puppy mill puppies to adopting and caring for special needs dogs, we want to hear your story, your experiences, the way you do things. Future articles are going to contain info on how to set up a protest, how to get the supplies needed for protests, how to make complaints against puppy mills, how to prepare to be a foster family, how to set up dog transports, and much much more. We plan to have interviews with some really amazing people telling their stories. This is an exciting time for Daisy’s Rescue as we continue to gain a following each and every day. We could not be here without you. Thank you for all of your continued support! Please keep doing what your doing to help dogs! Please keep spreading the word and share Daisy’s Rescue with your friends and fellow rescuers. You can follow us by email, Facebook and twitter.

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Comment Repair.

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Save A Yorkie Rescue Inc.

Welcome to Daisy’s Rescue. We are all about helping owners and rescue groups to learn helpful tricks and tips on how to take care of your dog(s). We are here for you to help with useful information on all types of routine dog care. Please feel free to leave comments and questions you may have for us. For your convenience we have added links to the products that we like to use, here in the article for you to find them more easily.

Today’s session is about the dog rescue organization “Save A Yorkie Inc.” serving Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

My name is Marilyn Faughner and that is my sweetheart, Donnie. We are the Founders of Save A Yorkie Rescue, Inc.I have adored Yorkies since I saw one perched on someone’s lap as a child.My husband Donnie, Treasurer and co-founder of our rescue, remembered my fascination with the breed and found one for sale in a newspaper ad in 1982.She cost me every penny of my life’s savings but I didn’t care; I cashed in everything to buy her from a back yard breeder. She was the best thing I ever invested in. Worth every penny and more.
Her name was Buffy, Ewok a Doggie, The Wonder Dog.She was the quintessential Yorkie – tiny, bossy, and loyal. She was the typical Yorkie bitch, domineering, demanding, stubborn and adorable.
I loved her with all of my heart.She was everything to me for almost 18 years. By 17, I knew the end was coming at me and I could not live without her. Buffy was blind, deaf and though she ate well, she tottered delicately on spindly legs. I knew my arms would ache with emptiness without her and that was inconceiveable to me.And so began my world wide search for another Yorkie puppy. I was like everyone else trying to find a healthy Yorkie. Visiting breeders, attending Yorkie specialities, quizzing other Yorkie owners, talking to my veterinarian – I begged for information, for contacts, for help in finding my next precious one. What did I get? A lot of cold shoulders! The Yorkie professionals were far too busy minding their business to educate me. I was so ignorant of the breed, it should have been illegal! Even though I had cared for Buffy, there was so much I didn’t know and no one had the time to teach me.
I was desolate and frustrated. How could I find a good healthy Yorkie when no one would tell me where to find one?Then it hit me like a Yorkie tearing after a Great Dane! Teach YOURSELF! Of course I could. Of course I should. Of course I would.  AND I DID! Every book, email chat room, Yorkie specialty, show judge, website, breeder, every Yorkie owner, every venue, everywhere, every thing I could find on the breed, I read it. I inhaled it. I crammed the information into every corner of my brain.I even quizzed the Queen Mother of Yorkiedom – Terry Shumsky and bought her book.  AND THEN I was armed for battle and I went searching for MY Yorkie.
After much research, I found his breeder online. But I didn’t stop there. I researched her history, her reputation, and her references until I knew what to expect from her line. Her credentials were impeccable. Her foundation sire was a finished champion in several countries. I followed her successes in shows in New York and met her long before I asked for one of her puppies. Because I had done my homework, I could “talk” Yorkie with her with ease. Still, it took me three weeks to convince her that I would be a good mom to one of her kids.
I had seen her dogs, in all their splendor, and I knew what to expect. When she asked me which dog I wanted I was ready. “I know your line, I said,  “Any dog you send to me will be perfect,” I replied. And so it was- without ever seeing a picture of any kind.   She sent me my dearest little Rascal Rudy. You can see his picture below – see what I mean? He is perfection. I loved him beyond words. He was my solace when Buffy could no longer stand. When she faced the Bridge, I held her tenderly, kissed her and cried bitter tears. The tears were for me, not for Buffy, who went to the Bridge on January 9, 2000, because it was her time. I know I will meet her there when my time comes.
 It was just Rudy and Donnie and I for awhile. Rudy seemed to miss Buffy’s grouchy presence. He loved to torment her when he wanted her to play.So without hesitation, I called my breeder again to ask for another of her treasures.She knew I was over the moon about Rudy to the point of insanity so she was not sure that a second Yorkie could be loved and given the attention he deserved.

She had just one request: that I love the second little one for his own sake, in his own right, and not as a second dog, a ‘pet’ for Rudy. I promised her to love the new comer just as he was. She had a special one in mind. She carried him in her sweater pocket and called him TiQ. I am not sure what that meant to her, but I call him TQ ’cause he is TOO QUTE!!  He, too, is perfection, see his picture below. The two of them went to obedience classes to learn their words and manners. We all played school every day so they wouldn’t forget their lessons.

(Rudy passed away on October 3, 2012. I held him when he went and even months later, I cry every day for my beloved Rudy. TiQ was still wobbley at 14 and he just passed away in my arms on October 17, 2013.  He could not see, he could not hear and he could not breathe – his time had come. Both of my cherished Yorkies are gone. I am bereft. Luckily I still have old One Eyed Max and my creamy peanut butter colored Romey who I adopted two years ago. )

And so we were, a happy Yorkie family, smug with success in our research. We had done it! We had purchased the best of the breed and they were so beautiful my throat ached when I gazed at them. Then one momentous day, a casual comment by a passing stranger changed my life, my family’s life and many hundreds of people’s lives.                      A thoughtful lady noticed my two boys,  my gorgeous Yorkies, and admiring them, asked if I had “rescued” them.“Rescue?” A YORKIE!??!!She had to be kidding!!!!! WHO would have to rescue a Yorkie. It’s like saying you have to rescue a Rolls Royce. Who would throw away or abuse one of these adorable little dogs?With a sad, knowing smile, she whispered, “Their owners die too.”Like a lightning bolt I understood. It was a revelation!  I never thought of it or heard of it.


Of course there were Yorkies whose owners died and left them with no place to go. As I thought about it, I realized that there were many reasons a Yorkie might need a new home: If a senior went to a nursing home, or a family moved to an apartment or if a military person was deployed overseas, divorce, loss of a job, … etc. etc. etc. There must be many Yorkies who needed a home. Why hadn’t I thought of this? Ignorant and uninformed, I had purchased my boys from a good breeder. But now – I could not rest until I found out more about helping homeless Yorkies.

And so it began. I gave this new mission every bit as much dedication as I had my search for Yorkie information. I found Yorkie rescues in many places. Working with several different rescues, I helped to place dozens of Yorkies. Then my husband suggested that I start my own rescue. The thought overwhelmed me but I couldn’t stand the thought of any Yorkie in a shelter, scared and alone.They needed my help, and by God, I was not going to let them down.My husband, Donnie and I started Save A Yorkie Rescue, Inc. on January 1, 2002. Since that day we have saved over 2500 Yorkies. And more come in everyday. I added to my brood too. First came Cody, Cody Co Co Puff who came to me with a badly broken leg. He was a foster but I failed Fostering 101 and Cody stayed with us. Much later, I failed fostering 102 by keeping Maxatawny (who is not scrawny, in fact he’s quite brawny, just like his daddy, Donnie) Max is 18 and we adopted Romey – my beautiful peanut butter colored Yorkie boy. My arms are full. Now this is where YOU come in. If you want to help SAVE a Yorkie, contact me, we’ll carry on the mission together.

Please don’t forget to like our Facebook page,  daisysrescue@daisysrescue on twitter  Use this site and our pet supply portal to Amazon for all your pet needs and out Amazon portal for all your shopping needs.

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I Have an APP. For That!

Welcome back to Daisy’s Rescue.  We are all about helping owners and rescue groups to learn helpful tricks and tips on how to take care of their dog(s). We are here for you to help with useful information on all types of routine dog care. Please feel free to leave comments and questions you may have for us. For your convenience we have added links to the products that we like to use, here in the article for you to find them more easily.

Today’s article is about taking care of your dog and having a few tools to help you. Dogs much like people benefit from yearly medical check ups. In today’s world of information over load and instant access to to the internet, it only makes sense to be able to track your dog’s health and medical visits. Today’s smart phones allow you to do just that. Imagine your dog’s entire medical record at your finger tips. Today we are going to talk about some smart phone apps that do just that. There are apps that will help you with first aid and what is poisonous for your pet. There is even an app that shows and rates dog parks. Sorry android and microsoft users, I have an IPhone, so I only know what is available for Apple. Having said that, with todays smart phone competition, I’m sure there are versions for the other phones as well.

The apps that I am going to talk about are apps that I use, the names of the apps and their trade marks belong to those who created the app.

Paw Card from JIVEMEDIA LLC, is a nice app for keeping your pet’s vital info. “With this app. you can create a profile for each pet that includes: veterinary contacts, identifications, vaccinations, medications, allergies & conditions, journal entries and weight tracker” (from Paw Card app.). I use this app. I like it, it covers all the bases and is easy to use. There are a couple of draw backs, all entries in each category are saved in the order in which they were entered. So, if you enter something out of order, it is saved that way, so you can’t go back and add entries from an earlier date and have it save in chronological order.  The other thing is, if you list your monthly meds under vaccines, like heart worm and flea treatments, your vaccines list gets really long. It would be great if they included a monthly “preventative” catagory for these. You can add a photo of your pet and email the record to whomever you want, which can be good, if you change vets or someone is caring for your pet while you are away. You can add multiple pets. There is a ad for free pet insurance quotes. I tried to get a quote for each of my dogs and I never received a quote. This is an all around good app. that will take care of all the essentials. I believe Paw Card is free.

Pets+ from Pets Plus, . The writer of this app is a really nice guy. When I first saw this app and downloaded it, It had a links section and in the links section was a bunch of listings for breeders. Of course I was like “no way, we can’t have this!”. So, I contacted Pets+ and I explained about rescues and over breeding and they were really cool and said it was an over site on their part, they just weren’t thinking and they immediatly removed breeders and replaced with rescues! That alone raised their status in my book! Great Job guys!

This app takes care of the essentials as well, multiple pet profiles, picture, name, owner, gender, breed, weight, birthday, feeding, appointments, identifications, medications, vaccinations, vets, and notes. All of this per pet. there is an extensive links section too. The links include, Humor / entertainment, reptiles, fish, rescue / shelters, rodents, rabbits, horses, and birds. If you are a rescue, email them at and they will add your rescue. This app allows you to email, message, twitter, face book or copy your pets profile. You can also share your pets photo with other Pets + users. Another nice feature, you can sync info between devices, so everything is always up to date. This app is $4.99, this could possibly be the best $4.99 you ever spent.

Pet Master by green life apps, has all the standard features, multiple pet accounts, the ability to add a photo of the pet, vaccinations, worming, flea control, surgery, vet visit, grooming, training, walking and sitting. The profile section has vital info, visual info, identification, and ownership info. The daily log has a food history, weight history, mood / attitude log, and activity log. There is a section on allergies, insurance info, medical conditions and special needs. As with the others, you can email the pet profile. When I down loaded this app it was free.

The above are some great apps for managing your pets medical history.  Now below are some apps for use in rescue. These apps can help save a dogs life, by reporting animal abuse.

Break The Chain, by Dogs Deserve Better. You can find the app at This app is used, if you find a dog that is chained up or is being neglected, you open the app and you fill out the form and the app anonymously submits the info to the correct organization that will follow up on your report.

ALDF …Tips, by the Animal league Defense Fund, . If you witness abuse, you open the app and fill out the fields and send it. ALDF will follow up and report what you saw. I’ve used both apps, the problem with them is, there is no feed back. So you don’t know if anything was done.

Police Tape , by the ACLU NJ, is an app for protesters. If you are protesting and the police stop by, you open the app, it gives you tips and rights. Then there is a button to record what is said during your encounter. After the encounter, you simply close the app. When you open the app again you can label the recording, describe what happened, both publicly and private , you will have a GPS location marker and you can up load it to the ACLU for later review. If you do a lot of protesting, this is the app for you.

PupTox, by This app, tells you what is toxic to your dog. It also has poison control numbers.

Dog park finder, by . This app lists all the dog parks around you using GPS to find your location.

Pet Rescue, by RU Advertising. This app uses the GPS to find your location and tells you  where the veterinarians near you are. The app will help you if you loose a pet and will tell you how to perform first aid on your pet. This is one of those apps, that you never want to have to use, but you are glad to have it, if you do need it.

These are the apps I have on my phone. If you like them, please use them. If you know of any other apps., leave a comment with the app and we will share with everyone else. I’m always looking for new apps. Good Luck.