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We are currently looking for guest bloggers! The best way to help humans, help dogs, is to share our experiences. So if you have a great tip, or you have a lot of experience with dogs or you just want to get involved in rescue, we want you to guest blog with us. The subjects can be on anything that can helps dogs and animals, writing about how to blog, how to use twitter, how to use Face book, how you way your dog, tips on training, etc.

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2014 USDA Website Access.

Welcome to Daisy’s Rescue. We are all about helping humans and rescue groups learn useful tricks and tips on how to take care of and rescue dogs. Please feel free to leave comments and questions you may have for us. We are here for you. For your convenience we have added links to the products that we like to use, and or are featured here in the article. Use these links to find the product to purchase or to research.

Today’s session is about how to access the new 2014 updated USDA APHIS website.

The USDA APHIS or the United States Department of Agriculture division of Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, is the federal governments department that is responsible for the safety of animals and the compliance of large scale commercial dog breeders or what we call Puppy Mills. The USDA redesigned their website for 2014. While the way you access it didn’t change, the look did, so here is a step by step tutorial on how to access the website. Remember, you can search all animal labs, circus’s, breeders and brokers.

2014 USDA Website Animal Welfare


This is the first page of the USDA APHIS Website Look to the left and see “Animal Welfare”, click on it.

2014 USDA APHIS Animal welfare page


On the left hand side is the “Animal Welfare Act” , click on that and you will go to the next page.

2014 USDA APHIS Animal Welfare page

Now, on the right hand side is the AWA Inspections, click on that link.

2014 USDA APHIS Inspection Link

In the middle of this page you will find a bold “Inspection“. Under this heading after a brief explanation of what the USDA is supposed to do, you will find “Search Active Licensees and Registered Facilities”. You want to click on this and it will take you to the “WARNING PAGE”. As best as I can figure, this page is meant to scare away anyone who is not serious about looking up inspection results. It basically says, that the government has the right to look at your computer while you are searching their inspection results, or that you can expect to have someone watch you as you search their site, you know the government, they are such voyeurs. Either way you have to say  “I Agree” or you can’t get in.

2014 USDA APHIS I Agree Page


So, you click I agree. and then you are taken to the basic search page. Oh, and just to make sure you really want to get in they may make you wait up to 90 seconds to load the page, so be patient.

2014 USDA APHIS Basic search License


We are now at the “Basic search license and registration page”. Look down to the second set of bold tabs in the middle os the page. Under “Results”, is the license and registration, click in the tab next to that, it will say “Inspection Information”. Click that. 2014 USDA Basic inspection page Inspect link

Ok now that the “inspection results” have been clicked. we are ready to search the inspection records. Be warned the web site is very slow. I think they do that on purpose so it is harder to access. I typed in PA to the search.

2014 USDA APHIS PA Search result


This is what the results are. I’m not sure what “C” means, maybe circus, “R” means research and “A” means breeder, “B” means broker. So lets see what our search came up with. Looks like 2 circus’s a breeder and 2 research labs. Lets look at the breeder first. On the far right of the page is a printer (you can click to print that result), then the “details” click that to expand the inspection results. Next is the customer number and type of license (A, B, C, R), the name of the organization or person, the date of inspection and then the results of the inspection. How many violations if any.  So let look at the breeder.

2014 USDA APHIS breeder number of dogs


She has no violations, but at the bottom of the page we can see how many dogs she has. She had 51 Dogs and 27 puppies at the time of the inspection. I can’t imagine all those dogs living inside the house as pets. Please play around with the web site. The more you use it the more you can get out of it. Look up Purina and see how many animals they have in their lab.

Here are some short cut links. To go to the USDA site . To go straight to the “Warning Page”


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Help stop Iowa University from teaching how to start Puppy Mills

Welcome to Daisy’s Rescue. We are all about helping owners and rescue groups to learn helpful tricks and tips on how to take care of your dog(s). We are here for you to help with useful information on all types of routine dog care. Please feel free to leave comments and questions you may have for us. For your convenience we have added links to the products that we like to use, here in the article for you to find them more easily.

Today’s session is about trying to stop future puppy mills from starting up. Iowa State University has created a course on how to start and run puppy mills. I wrote them an email and they have not replied. I made a few Dog Advocate’s aware of what is going on and a petition was created. The author of the petition wrote to the Iowa University and this is what was written and done.

As I think you know, I posted a petition on objecting to a course in Commercial Dog Breeding offered by the Iowa State University School of Veterinary Medicine.  The director of the program that teaches the courseposted this comment to the petition:
The materials on Regulatory Compliance for Commercial Dog Breeders were developed by the Center for Food Security and Public Health with funding from the United States Department of Agriculture. The USDA has authority to regulate commercial dog breeders under the Animal Welfare Act. The web-based materials on Regulatory Compliance for Commercial Dog Breeders are used by the USDA to help enforce the Animal Welfare Act. Being aware of the regulations discourages some people from becoming commercial dog breeders. Removing the materials from the website would result in less compliance with animal welfare standards by commercial dog breeders, and more people becoming dog breeders. We do not want that outcome.
I posted this reply:
Thank you for your very thoughtful reply. I am glad that we agree that we don’t want less compliance with animal welfare standards and more dog breeders. I also understand your rationale for this course. What I think you overlook, however, is that by offering the course you are giving legitimacy and validation to a practice that shouldn’t exist at all.
We need to let Iowa State University know that we do not want more puppy mills and we don’t want them teaching people to “commercially Farm dogs”. When there are 4 million dogs murdered each year, we do not need any more breeders to add to the over population.
Thank you from Daisy’s Rescue. We rely on our followers to make the difference.



Signs… Signs… Everywhere Are Signs!

Welcome to Daisy’s Rescue. We are all about helping owners and rescue groups to learn helpful tricks and tips on how to take care of your dog(s). We are here for you to help with useful information on all types of routine dog care. Please feel free to leave comments and questions you may have for us. For your convenience we have added links to the products that we like to use, here in the article for you to find them more easily.

Today’s session is about Making signs for that Protest or “Education” Campaign.

I’ve been part of some “education” campaigns that were about Puppy Mill Awareness. Everything was all set up, the organization was done. The time and place was set. Everyone was briefed and then you show up and …. you have nothing to hold. Well today we are going to explain how you can get signs at a very low cost. If fact most cases there is no cost.

In October and November of every year in the US, we have a series of events…called elections. This is a good thing, because these are going to be your source of signs.  Many towns across the US have passed laws that required politicians to remove all their campaign signs with in a few days after the elections. This is where you come in. You can ask the politician’s by calling their office and asking to remove the signs for them (again after the election). I usually wait a few days and I pick up signs that have been left out and forgotten about. I’m not telling you to steal the signs or do anything Illegal, saying that there are many unwanted signs that are now trash that can be recycled for use to help save dogs lives. A few years ago, I was picking up signs in the end of November. I had about 15 to 20 that were along back roads that everyone forgot about. I stopped and picked them up and drove away. I helped the politician, by removing the sign, and helping him comply with the law.

Signs advertising political candidates.
Signs advertising political candidates.


The signs come in many sizes and shapes. Some of them are the more expensive kind, are  corrugated plastic with a metal wire “H”. The “H” goes into the ground and the sign goes on the “H” wire. If you were to purchase these sign yourself, they might cost about $3.00 a sign and you have a minimum order of 100 (Corrugated Plastic 4MM WHITE Sign Blanks – 24″x18″ BNDL/25 , and Standard “H” Frame Wire Stakes (Pkg of 25/$.95 ea) – Yard Sign Stake – Use with 4mm Corrugated Signs). The cheaper signs are printed poster paper folded over a “N” frame and staple together so it stays on. Surprisingly, they are pretty weather resistant. I have not priced these signs if you were to purchase them, but they should be cheaper.


Once you have a nice collection of signs, it is time to repurpose them. The first thing you need to do is cover the politicians name. I have found that you need to use a gray or white primer spray paint to cover the sign. I like to use Krylon Semi-Flat White spray paint, because you can re-coat at any time, unlike Rust-Oleum (Rust-Oleum 12 oz. Spray, Flat Light Gray Primer), which requires you to re-coat before 1 hour or after 48 hours. Once the signs are primed, you can cover them with a flat white paint.


I use about 2 inch stencils to write my message. You can use black paint, or a color to bring attention to your sign. After all the stenciling is done, you can spray a different bright color around the edges of the sign or leave it white. I then spray the sign again with clear gloss to protect the sign (Krylon Crystal Clear Gloss Spray Enamel).

IMG_4943 IMG_4942IMG_4941IMG_4944

I like to keep my messages generic , so I can use them at more than one protest or education campaign. If you make them specific to a store, you are committing those signs to that campaign. That can be ok, but if you work with a few different groups or a group that has a couple campaigns, you are now required to have a few signs. When you are thinking about your message, you have to remember that, your audience is driving by at speeds that are not going to allow them to see small detailed messages that are paragraphs. They are going to be able to read two to three lines of large type. Be careful about using pictures. I was on one protest and the group had expensive large signs of horribly abused and neglected dogs pictures. They thought they were the greatest thing. Problem, people driving by saw these horrible pictures of dogs, nothing else. These people did not associate the signs with the pet store or puppy mills, they only saw a bunch of pictures that “Those crazy animal rights people” were showing.  Because they saw the pictures only, they were of no use to educate the public. It’s more important to get your message across in a clear fashion, rather than the “shock” value of an abused dogs. You want people to associate your sign and message with the store or subject of your  campaign.

Good luck! DO NOT Steal any signs, always ask permission! Now you have a economic way to make signs for your campaigns. If anyone has any other tips and suggestions, please let us know. We love sharing your comments. Remember you can get all your shopping needs through our amazon portal.

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Lilly’s Story from The National Mill Dog Rescue

Lilly’s Story reprinted with permission from The National Mill Dog Rescue



Sometimes it’s important to remind ourselves why we do what we do.Lily, wearing tag #251, crouched, suffering in a small wire cage at the auction. Breeding dogs were being sold to the highest bidder. Lily looked straight into Theresa’s ey…es that day and asked for help. Theresa purchased Lily and promised to “shower her with love until the day she died”. For the next 15 months Lily learned about being a dog. She learned about soft beds, belly rubs and rolling in the grass. But most importantly, Lily learned what love felt like. Despite surgeries and the best care possible, the 7 years of neglect at the puppy mill had taken its toll on her body. On May 13, 2008 Lily passed away. Theresa vowed, in Lily’s name, to take up the cause for the mill dogs and thus National Mill Dog Rescue was born. Please join us in our efforts. Share the story of Lily and the plight of mill dogs everywhere. Thank you.


Lily is the love and the light of my life. If you’ve ever had a special dog like Lily, then you will understand right away what I’m talking about. If you haven’t… read on.

Lilly and the wolfhound

When she came to me I took her to work everyday and she slept in the warmth of my Irish Wolfhound’s stomach. She slowly learned to trust and in seven months she would come to me to get on my lap! She now loves all humans as no one will ever hurt her again. As you can see from the picture on the right she has her silly moments and keeps a lookout so she won’t get caught.

Lilly in bed

Lily was born, raised and perhaps had 13 litters of puppies at the Reedgate Kennels before we were able to buy her at auction. Her time there was spent in a wire cage with a board to sleep on and a rabbit water bottle to drink from. While in the mill she received little or no vet care and because of this she lost all her teeth and her lower jaw rotted off, which is not unusual for the smaller breeds in the puppy mills. Everything that was precious to her was taken away (her puppies). The human hand brought only  misery.

Lily is my inspiration. She can teach anyone about love, courage and the ability to forgive. Unfortunately the cancer she acquired through years of neglect is now close to ending her life. I have promised her she will never be alone again and I will be with her at the end. To date she is responsible for saving over 7700  dogs as she is the inspiration and founder of MDRN.

Lily died in my arms May 13, 2008. She will be missed.

To all of Lily’s friends:

At 5:30 PM on Tuesday May 13, 2008, our little Miss Lily made her way to the Rainbow Bridge. Over the two days prior, the ever-present spark in her eyes faded and she had become so frail and weak, the abuses of her past finally catching up with her, surpassing her ability to keep up the fight. Tuesday evening our vet came to the house and helped her on her way. Rich and I buried her in a very quiet area in our back woods with Tasha and Molly and many of our dogs at our sides. Interestingly, the only moments of sunshine on an otherwise dreary day were right upon her grave as we laid her down. No surprise at all…. she loved the sunshine so much.

We are just devastated, especially my husband, who was Lily’s constant companion. Thank God we have a couple of rescue Iggy’s right now – despite that no dog could come close to replacing Lily, I think they will help fill the void a bit, strange little creatures that Iggy’s are.

When I think back to the day that I saw Lily crammed in the back of her cage at Reedgate Kennels, I whispered her a promise – “I will free you from this hell no matter what the cost and we will shower you with love until the day you die.” Our family can take pride in keeping every word of that promise, not knowing then what Lily would come to mean to so many people for so many reasons.

Lily was a serious dog, stripped of her ability to be a typically silly Italian Greyhound because during her first seven years of life she had no opportunity to move or socialize with what came to be her favorite thing in life – people. What she did find in herself in time though, was courage. When she found her courage, she let everyone know about it, climbing into the laps and arms of total strangers and sharing her very special love with everyone around her. No one walked away from Lily the same person. Her tiny, disfigured little self moved grown men to tears, many times. Over this past year, Lily and the story of her life educated hundreds of people about the plight of mill dogs and the realities of the commercial dog breeding industry. My husband believes that Lily is perhaps the most important dog in history (not that he is at all partial).

When Lily was rescued in February 2007, she suffered from several medical conditions. She had severe pyometria (infected uterus), several mammary tumors, and from years of no care her entire mouth was rotted to point that she was completely missing her lower jaw. The latter would prove to become life threatening as it eventually led to cancer. Lily was so brave through four surgeries and unspeakable amounts of pain as we worked so hard to improve the quality of her life. Unfortunately, the years of no care won over and we were unable to give her more than just over a year in our home. However, during this past year Lily knew nothing but love and she was truly a treasure in our home. She will always be “one of those dogs”, one you can never seem to let go of, one whose face you can see simply because you want to. To our family, Lily has made us stronger, kinder people and our world a better place to be.

We will continue the fight in Lily’s name to bring about permanent change in this criminal industry. Please join us in our efforts and tell everyone you know the story of Lily and the plight of mill dogs everywhere, as she continues to watch over them from the heavens.

Two of Lily’s friends have written poetry for her, please read it.

In Memory of Lily

She withstood her life of misery
Her cage was her domain
The hopelessness, the loneliness
She was a number with no name.

Her eyes had never glistened
No love, her heart had known
Her cries were never answered
Her doom was hers, alone.

Her body, torn and tattered
So weak, so thin and frail
Her small sweet face disfigured,
As she languished in her jail.

Like the others all around her
From neglect she lived in pain
Oh, humans void of heart and souls
Were surely those to blame.

Shrouded behind secrecy
They perpetuate their lies
The puppy mills breed misery
Kept hidden from our eyes.

Then breaking thru the darkness
An angel brought the light
Reaching down with kindness
To alleviate this plight.

And so a few were taken
To be given a new start
And a mission was now realized
From deep within a heart.

Discarded were the numbers,
Now Lily was her name
She was nurtured now and cared for
And the others, just the same.

She responded to the kindness
She was kissed upon her head
Each night as she lay sleeping
In her warm and cozy bed.

From beginnings that were tragic
Lily now embraced the love
But she would only stay a minute
She had lessons up above.

Her life brought inspiration
She taught her humans well
About courage and conviction
To save others from the hell.

Lily’s life had purpose
As she endured such strife and pain
She emerged with great forgiveness
Oh, her life was not in vain.

Now the cozy bed is empty
But Lily’s memory lingers still
And hundreds more will follow
…..Rescued from the mill.

Bari Mears
Copyright 2008


The National Mill Dog Rescue

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Relinquishing a Dog  (not NMDR dog) Please be aware we do not accept relinquished dogs.

USDA Website Access

This article is going to show you how to use the USDA’s APHIS (animal and plant health inspection service), web site to look up puppy mills (breeder’s), animal labs, and circus’s. Due to the freedom of information act the USDA now posts all inspection results. On the web site you can search, license status and inspection results. You can perform searches based on type of license, type of animal, state and citation.

We are going to go step by step on how to access the site.

USDA APHIS home screen

Type into your browser. Or click the link.That will take you to the APHIS home page.  Pic above.  Next you go to the left column on the home page. Under “browse by subject”, go to “animal welfare” and click on it. The above pic has “animal welfare” highlighted in green.    Now go to the right hand column on the Animal Welfare page. Under the picture of the elephant in the bottom right hand column is “view AWA Inspection Reports”. Click on “View AWA Inspection Reports”.USDA APHIS Inspection reports

Now you are at the Government Warning page. What it is saying, is that the government is allowed to view your computer and the data that is on it. Click “Agree”, if you want to view the inspection report.


Now we are on the A.C.I.S. or Animal Care Information System. It defaults to the basic search. Type “MARLIN ZIMMERMAN” in the search box and click search.

APHIS Marlin Zimmerman Basic search results

You will see Marlin Zimmerman, customer number, certificate number (which designates type of license breeder, broker, lab, etc). and the date of issue or cancellation. The kennel / Puppy mill’s address is on the right. Now, above the name and to the right of the highlighted “licensee/Registrant Information”, is “Inspection Information”, click that button.Zimmerman Inspection page

Here you see dates, and violations on the left. To see the inspection results, click on “Details” on the far right.

zimmerman inspection results

The results of the inspection is shown, the violations are listed along with the statute number. At the bottom of the page shows the number of dogs and puppies at the kennel / mill at the time of the inspection.

When an “inspection report” has been “Expanded”, the other inspections are still on the page, just in the “hidden” aspect.

If you look at the far upper right hand corner of the inspection box, you will see number like this  1-5 of 6 and then “Next”, this is to look at the next page of inspection reports, the website shows 5 at a time.

Now, lets look at the “Advanced Search” feature of the website.

USDA APHIS Advance seach page

Go up to the top of the page, the “basic” search option. Click on “Advanced” search. Below the “Advanced” search is “Optional Criteria Items” Box. Click on the box and you will see a drop down window with a bunch of options. Count down 5, and click on “Inspection Animal Categories”. You will see another window open next to the “Advance Search” window. Click on the window and pick an animal, for this pick Dogs. Go back to the “Advanced Search” window, under it is “Add Criteria Item”, click on it and the “Dogs”, will appear under the “Selected Criteria Items”.

USDA APHIS Advanced search dog

Now go back up to the “Optional Criteria Items”, box. Count down 12 and click on “Licensee/Registrant State”. Another new box opens that contains the “states”, click on “Pennsylvania”. Make sure you click on the “Add Criteria Item” button.

USDA APHIS Advanced search state and dog search ready

Click on the “Start Search” button. You will now see a list of Facilities that have dogs. The list just happens to be research Labs. This is the “Licensee / Registrant” results.

USDA APHIS Advanced Dog and State Search Results

To view inspection results you have to click on the “Inspection Results” button. Please remember, I do not run the USDA APHIS website. The site has a lot to be desired. I wish it was better and easier to use. Remember, this is our tax dollars at work. The best way to use the site is to just get on it and play with it, see how it works and what it’s limits and quirkiness are.

Let me know how you like this article.