Dog Care

Hello, welcome to my dog care section. Here I will be giving tips and explaining how to take better care of your dog. Many people think that having a dog is easy and as simple as bringing the dog into the home and the dog will take care of it’s self. This isn’t the case. Dogs like people need to be taught how to live. Dogs like people have special needs that are specific to them. Being in the rescue business, I have seen first hand, that people don’t always know how to take care of their dog. The idea that dogs are family seem to be new to some people. Dogs are not disposable items that can be ignored until you want to play with them and then ignored again. Dogs are living breathing creatures, that just like people have feelings and emotions. They feel pain and loneliness. Dogs have likes and dislikes and above all are loyal!

I hate bringing a dog in and finding that the people that had the dog neglected it, did not keep up on the medical requirements, did not train or socialize the dog and now wonder why they have problems. So, hopefully this page will help people care for their dogs.

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