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grover enjoying the sunshine

Original Description:

We have a precious, sweet, 5 year old, blind, little boy, Grover, a Tibetan Terrier X with neurological issues in our care and to give him the best chance to walk, to have a long and happy life, it is imperative he have an MRI. If everyone who sees this would donate just $5.00 or $10.00 we will reach our goal quickly! He will be seeing a Neurologist at Tufts Animal Hospital, associated with Tuft Veterinary School, and have the MRI there. We need your help, please!!! We estimate the total cost to be around $3,000. Please help us give this sweet and gentle soul the best life he can possibly have. If there is any monies left over they will be set aside for Grover’s ongoing care.

Grover's first night with his new foster Mom.
Grover’s first night with his new foster Mom.

It is believed that Grover has Hydrocephalus (water on the brain) and Vertigo, perhaps caused by a malformed inner ear. There is no way to know for certain, or to know the best way to treat his symptoms without the MRI. Grover struggles to stand and then walk without falling over. It is heartbreaking to see and know he wants to be able to run and play like every other dog, and right now, although greatly improved since coming into our rescue, cannot! We believe he is very bright and can lead a long and happy life with the right treatment. Our hope is he will be able to stand, walk and run without losing his balance and falling over! Since coming into our rescue Grover has been brought utd on all vaccines, has started on some meds to help him with his balance, and had a bilateral eye enucleation (eye removal). He was blind and had been suffering with very painful eyes! He loves to cuddle and sit in the sun! Please help Grover! No donation is too small and all are very much appreciated! This little Sweetheart is so worth it! Thank you!

Grover just after surgery.
Grover just after surgery.

Blind Dog Rescue Alliance is a 501 c3 non profit rescue. We are an all-volunteer, foster based rescue and all contributions are tax deductible! Our website is at Since being created 6 years ago we have taken in over 400 dogs with vision issues, and helped save at least another 7,000 or more thru our networking!

Grover all healed from eye surgery.
Grover all healed from eye surgery. Grover is such a handsome boy!

UPDATE 8/29/2015! – It is with a broken heart we have to update that when Grover had the MRI it showed about 80% of his brain had been destroyed by the untreated Hydrocephalus. The MRI showed us what Grover needed, it was just not the answer we wanted. We brought Grover home, gave him the best day we possibly could then gave him the peace he would never find this side of heaven. He was set free while he was resting in his favorite place to sit in the sun. RIP our precious boy! Run with the Angels! A piece of our heart went with you, you did not go alone, and you will be in our hearts forever!

Grover enjoying his yard.
Grover enjoying his yard.

The total cost for the MRI & consultations etc for Grover will be around $2500. We are increasing this fund raiser to $5,000. The $2500 to help cover the costs for Grover, and another $2500 to go into a special neurological fund here, so the next time we learn of a dog with neurological issues we will be able to save that dog too, and very quickly give them an MRI if necessary. We have named this fund The Grover Project, in his memory.

We appreciate your donations. Please share this fundraiser and donate if you can. If everyone who shared this donated just $5, we would be at our goal. Thank you!

To donate money to The Grover Fund, please click on this link

As one of his foster parents, I can attest to how sweet and gentle Grover was. He is truly a very special soul. We were heart broken to hear the news of his passing. We were very happy that he was with his other foster Mom Marilyn. We know how much she loved him and was at his side comforting him when he pasted. Grover has taken a piece of many hearts with him. There is a little comfort knowing he is at piece and no longer has any disabilities or pain. Please help us raise money to help other dogs. Thank you.


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