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Hello animal lovers and compassionate people,

There are a lot of us out there working on helping animals.

My company, Happy Kids-Happy Pets, teaches children about compassion, self-respect, respect of others. and humane treatment of animals. http://www.happykids-happypets.com
Then you have the rescuers in the movie SMART, who go way beyond compassion and respect. This is such a big dangerous job but will do wherever they need to do to save an animal. I have never seen anything like this before. The rescuers will go where nobody else will go. They are some of the bravest people that I have ever seen. They do this because of their love for animals and to help these defenseless animals in the situation that they are in.
Justin Zimmerman says,”We put 3+ years into the making of SMART on our own time and dime. We’re proud of it and we want it to do well. Not only for us, but for the SMART team!!!” The movie is a must see.

SMART is available for free to Amazon Prime members right NOW! It’s also for rent or to buy streaming and on DVD from Amazon. And don’t forget Vimeo, CLS and other outlets. There are TONS of ways to see SMART.

They can go to www.SMARTMovieDoc.com to see everything in one place.

Send them to www.SMARTMovieDoc.com and tell them to say hi.
SMART documentary | brickerdown
“SMART is a most welcomed documentary about the selfless work of people who put animals in need first and foremost. Rescue and rehabilitation are essential parts of …
Or here are all the individual outlets so far:





There are also multiple ways to bring the film to your local theater:


The more SMART is shared, the more it shows how important animals are in our lives. Please see the movie and spread the word.

Thanks to everyone who was involved in making the movie SMART!

Betty Delman
Happy Kids-Happy Pets

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