Happy New Year!

Welcome to Daisy’s Rescue, as we end the year, it is time to reflect back on the events of 2013. This year was a year of many firsts for Daisy’s Rescue! We established this site in March. We created a Face Book page in April. We started podcasting. We have had over 1,460 views. We started to affiliate advertise with Amazon and we learned a lot. We made many new friends and established new contacts. We even talked to the Assistant Director of the USDA APHIS, which over sees the puppy mills in the US. While we made all these accomplishments, we were not without our share of sorrows.

We lost a dear and treasured family member in July. We lost Duchess our senior girl, whom taught us the wonders of senior dogs! She taught us to be determined and not stop until you get what you want! She taught us to sit back and enjoy the finer things in life… Belly Rubs!

2013-03 Duchess (27)Our sweet girl Duchess.

Duchess 2012-10-12 at Pet Value (1)Duchess shopping for her own treats.

2013-03 Duchess Sneeaking a drink of milkDuchess deciding the cereal is for her.

2012 Duchess 12 yo (18)Favorite Duchess PicsWindow surfing like there is no tomorrow.

2012-09 The Duchess (34)Belly rubs! Everything stops for belly rubs!

She taught us about the most important thing in life, to always live in the moment and spend time with our loved ones.  She was with us for far too short of time. We adopted her after her previous families died. She was estimated to be 10 or 12 years old and we had her for only 2 short years. We think of her everyday.

We recently increased the size of our family again. We adopted one of foster dogs, a senior, that was being taken to the death room, when we pulled him. He was very sick with kennel cough, and has a serious allergic reaction to fleas. We are nursing him back to health and feel that he had been through enough. He doesn’t need to be uprooted again. We love the seniors! Please welcome our latest member to Daisy’s Rescue, Thomas!

1511309_10200682343933567_604042324_n 1511309_10200682343973568_282786775_n 1477982_10200677434530835_93140167_n IMG_5064This is Thomas, but we affectionately call him “Pops”. He is the sweetest boy. All he wants to do is just lay next to us.

As this year ends, instead of dwelling on the tragedies, we are going to build on our accomplishments and be more determined in the new year to make more of a difference in helping dogs; working to shut down puppy mills and pet store’s that sell dogs and educate people on the commercial dog breeding industry. We challenge you as well to get involved! The dogs need each and everyone of you to step up and participate and help end dog suffering. It is NOT hard. Please ask us and we will help you get started!

We thank each and every one of you! For without you… we would not be here today and we would not have made such accomplishments in such a short amount of time. Let’s work together in the up coming year and make 2014 even more rememberable and successful than 2013!

For all of us here at Daisy’s Rescue… Have a Happy and Healthy NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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