Help Save Homeless Animals!

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Today we are here with Deja Dircks,

Deja is running to raise money to help save dogs. Here is her story.

I have run numerous marathons in the past, but I wanted to make this one different. I have always paid the entry fee and run the race. I’ve seen other people running for charities and always thought that is so awesome. Not only are they doing something they love, but they are helping raise money for something they care about as well!! There are thousands of homeless pets that starve to death each year. There are not enough resources out there to help save, feed and rehabilitate these poor animals. I am raising money to help a shelter in Chicago called TEAM Paws , save as many animals as possible this year! This is one of the most humane, no kill shelters in the country. This year I have decided I’m going to run the Chicago Marathon to raise money for these animals!! My own dog, Tucker will be training all summer long with me!

Having rescued one of the most amazing dogs I’ve ever met ( I might be a little biased) I want to help as many animals find their forever home too! Not only this but allowing so many more people to have the experience that I have had with my dog! The indescribable feeling to have saved an animal is something I think everyone should get to experience at some point in their life! I also think that all of these animals that didn’t deserve to be or have the choice to be homeless deserve a better life!!

I need your help! I want to raise $1500 for these amazing animals! In return Tucker and I will share our journey with you as I train for the Chicago Marathon!

Please donate to this incredible cause! Even the smallest amount can help!!

Deja Dircks

Grandmas Marathon

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