I Have an APP. For That!

Welcome back to Daisy’s Rescue.  We are all about helping owners and rescue groups to learn helpful tricks and tips on how to take care of their dog(s). We are here for you to help with useful information on all types of routine dog care. Please feel free to leave comments and questions you may have for us. For your convenience we have added links to the products that we like to use, here in the article for you to find them more easily.

Today’s article is about taking care of your dog and having a few tools to help you. Dogs much like people benefit from yearly medical check ups. In today’s world of information over load and instant access to to the internet, it only makes sense to be able to track your dog’s health and medical visits. Today’s smart phones allow you to do just that. Imagine your dog’s entire medical record at your finger tips. Today we are going to talk about some smart phone apps that do just that. There are apps that will help you with first aid and what is poisonous for your pet. There is even an app that shows and rates dog parks. Sorry android and microsoft users, I have an IPhone, so I only know what is available for Apple. Having said that, with todays smart phone competition, I’m sure there are versions for the other phones as well.

The apps that I am going to talk about are apps that I use, the names of the apps and their trade marks belong to those who created the app.

Paw Card from JIVEMEDIA LLC, is a nice app for keeping your pet’s vital info. “With this app. you can create a profile for each pet that includes: veterinary contacts, identifications, vaccinations, medications, allergies & conditions, journal entries and weight tracker” (from Paw Card app.). I use this app. I like it, it covers all the bases and is easy to use. There are a couple of draw backs, all entries in each category are saved in the order in which they were entered. So, if you enter something out of order, it is saved that way, so you can’t go back and add entries from an earlier date and have it save in chronological order.  The other thing is, if you list your monthly meds under vaccines, like heart worm and flea treatments, your vaccines list gets really long. It would be great if they included a monthly “preventative” catagory for these. You can add a photo of your pet and email the record to whomever you want, which can be good, if you change vets or someone is caring for your pet while you are away. You can add multiple pets. There is a ad for free pet insurance quotes. I tried to get a quote for each of my dogs and I never received a quote. This is an all around good app. that will take care of all the essentials. I believe Paw Card is free.

Pets+ from Pets Plus, www.petsplusapp.com . The writer of this app is a really nice guy. When I first saw this app and downloaded it, It had a links section and in the links section was a bunch of listings for breeders. Of course I was like “no way, we can’t have this!”. So, I contacted Pets+ and I explained about rescues and over breeding and they were really cool and said it was an over site on their part, they just weren’t thinking and they immediatly removed breeders and replaced with rescues! That alone raised their status in my book! Great Job guys!

This app takes care of the essentials as well, multiple pet profiles, picture, name, owner, gender, breed, weight, birthday, feeding, appointments, identifications, medications, vaccinations, vets, and notes. All of this per pet. there is an extensive links section too. The links include, Humor / entertainment, reptiles, fish, rescue / shelters, rodents, rabbits, horses, and birds. If you are a rescue, email them at info@petsplusapp.com and they will add your rescue. This app allows you to email, message, twitter, face book or copy your pets profile. You can also share your pets photo with other Pets + users. Another nice feature, you can sync info between devices, so everything is always up to date. This app is $4.99, this could possibly be the best $4.99 you ever spent.

Pet Master by green life apps, has all the standard features, multiple pet accounts, the ability to add a photo of the pet, vaccinations, worming, flea control, surgery, vet visit, grooming, training, walking and sitting. The profile section has vital info, visual info, identification, and ownership info. The daily log has a food history, weight history, mood / attitude log, and activity log. There is a section on allergies, insurance info, medical conditions and special needs. As with the others, you can email the pet profile. When I down loaded this app it was free.

The above are some great apps for managing your pets medical history.  Now below are some apps for use in rescue. These apps can help save a dogs life, by reporting animal abuse.

Break The Chain, by Dogs Deserve Better. You can find the app at www.dogsdeservebetter.com This app is used, if you find a dog that is chained up or is being neglected, you open the app and you fill out the form and the app anonymously submits the info to the correct organization that will follow up on your report.

ALDF …Tips, by the Animal league Defense Fund, www.aldf.org . If you witness abuse, you open the app and fill out the fields and send it. ALDF will follow up and report what you saw. I’ve used both apps, the problem with them is, there is no feed back. So you don’t know if anything was done.

Police Tape , by the ACLU NJ, is an app for protesters. If you are protesting and the police stop by, you open the app, it gives you tips and rights. Then there is a button to record what is said during your encounter. After the encounter, you simply close the app. When you open the app again you can label the recording, describe what happened, both publicly and private , you will have a GPS location marker and you can up load it to the ACLU for later review. If you do a lot of protesting, this is the app for you.

PupTox, by www.puptox.com This app, tells you what is toxic to your dog. It also has poison control numbers.

Dog park finder, by www.DogGoes.com . This app lists all the dog parks around you using GPS to find your location.

Pet Rescue, by RU Advertising. This app uses the GPS to find your location and tells you  where the veterinarians near you are. The app will help you if you loose a pet and will tell you how to perform first aid on your pet. This is one of those apps, that you never want to have to use, but you are glad to have it, if you do need it.

These are the apps I have on my phone. If you like them, please use them. If you know of any other apps., leave a comment with the app and we will share with everyone else. I’m always looking for new apps. Good Luck.

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