June Is Adopt A Senior Month!

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June 2014 news letter.

June is Adopt a Senior Month

June is Adopt a Sr Month DRNA
June is Adopt a Sr Month DRNA

June is Adopt-a-Senior Month with DRNA. This is the month that we honor our neediest group of dachshunds by allowing you to adopt them with no adoption fee! This year, DRNA is including 8 and 9 year olds in our Senior Group so for June, the adoption fee for 8 year olds and up will be waived. Please consider providing one of these special dogs, like OSCAR below, their forever home!
Seniors are our most under-appreciated group of dogs due to pre-conceived ideas regarding their care and life span. Seniors can be the best dogs to adopt since they are most likely house trained and have knowledge of basic commands before coming into rescue. They require little training when they arrive in their forever home. Most of them are laid back but still have the youthful exuberance of a puppy. With the proper care and nutrition, seniors can live to the ripe old age of 18-20 years old. These dogs stay in our foster homes sometimes for more than a year, so check out our available seniors and consider providing them with their final home. They just need a place to live out their twilight years.

Oscar is a miniature wirehair dachshund with longer legs then a typical doxie and a tail that curls. He was rescued along with a buddy from a poor living situation in rural Virginia. He and his buddy were immediately taken to a vet and, except for fleas, found in reasonably good health. Oscar wasn’t as lucky as his buddy as he lost 95% of his coat from the fleas, but with a little TLC Oscar flourished. Oscar is a very lively, strong willed, and affectionate little guy. He can run and dodge with surprising agility and speed and he can destroy a stuffed toy in minutes. Oscar will tell you when he wants outside, when he wants out of his crate, and when he wants to his breakfast or dinner. Oscar loves being outside in back yard, but is leash walked to do his business.
If you are looking for a young senior (Oscar is 8 yrs old) AND you do not have cats (Oscar is not fond of cats) AND have a fenced backyard Oscar maybe the right little guy for you. Oscar’s adoption fee of $150 will be waived for any approved adopter during Adopt-A-Senior month.
Want to know more about Oscar? Email his foster family at:

Oscar 9962
Oscar 9962

When Autumn was rescued from a local shelter, she was very sick, extremely thin, full of parasites, severe dental disease and had kennel cough. It took 4 long weeks to finally get this girl well.
Now, Autumn is ready for adoption. Autumn loves taking naps, and usually wants a bed in and out of the way of every one else. She will cry at you to pick her up for some “lap time”, but then is usually ready to go to the best comfy dog bed she can find to nap or sleep. She demands 3 meals a day and on time. Autumn will use piddle pad so she would be great for an apartment. She is a hoot and we love her for it.
If you can give this sweetheart a retirement home, please fill out an application at: www.drna.org
Want to know more about Autumn? Email her foster family at:

Autumn 17010
Autumn 17010

Maddie’s actual name is Madeline Merlot because she whines a lot! She’s just adorable as she sits on your foot while you’re watching TV. She wants to be touching you and she’s a great cuddler.
Maddie was an owner surrender and it is apparent that she was a daddy’s girl. She’s fine with her foster mom as long as her foster dad isn’t home. Once he walks in the door it’s all about him.
Maddie gets along with most dogs but really doesn’t care if they’re around or not. She’s just as happy to be the only furbaby in the house. But NO LARGE DOGS. She was attacked by a Great Dane and is terrified of large dogs now.
She loves to run around the backyard and lay in the sun coming thru the window. Now the car is another story. She sits in her spot and doesn’t act up but she whines and talks the whole car ride. It’s actually kind of funny. It sounds like she’s muttering under her breath.
Maddie weighed 15 pounds when she came to us and is now down to 13 in less than 2 weeks. She’s starting to get her girlish shape back! She has decided she likes apple slices, kale stems and other veggies as treats. She is happy to sleep in the big bed or her doggie bed while she burrows under her huge blankets.
Madeline Merlot is being fostered in NE Ohio and can pack her bags at a moment’s notice – while she talks in the car all the way to you.
Her adoption fee is $150.00 Please fill out an application at:
Want to know more about Maddie? Email her foster family at:

Maddie 10754
Maddie 10754


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