Just A Little Busy!


We haven’t posted a new article recently, because we were a little busy. While it is not an excuse, it is our reason. A few weeks ago we got a call from a coworker that her neighbor had “come into money and moved to Florida, leaving behind a dog, horse and her kid”. While Daisy’s Rescue isn’t a rescue, we do work with a lot of rescues. We of course offered our assistance in helping the horse and dog.

We don’t know much about horses, except that they must eat regularly or they can develop problems and can die. The horse is named Rose and is 20 years old and the Dog is named Daisy.  The story is the mother came into money, tried to load the horse into a horse trailer, but couldn’t get the horse in and decided to leave the horse, dog and kid behind.

So, we worked hard going through all of our contacts and our contacts, contacts. To make a very long story short, we were able to find a rescue for the dog Daisy and the rescue was able to find an adopter for the horse Rose.

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So now Daisy is in her forever home and so is Rose all safe and sound. The child left behind is being taking care of, he is a teenager. We are not involved with any legal proceedings, we were just worried about the animals.

Just when we thought that we could relax, I found a stray dog running around on a busy street in a city. While at work I saw a small yorkie running loose on a busy city street. After we were done our task at hand, we went back to the street and the yorkie was still there. With the help of my partner, we were able to catch Amelia the yorkie. She was dirty, thin and had long 1/2 long nails.

Now, I had to figure out what I was going to do with Amelia. I can’t keep her while I’m at work and I have nowhere to put her. Luckily, I have a friend who lived a few miles away. So I quickly get on the phone and catch her before she leaves her home. She is home and off from work, Amelia is quickly dropped off. Now I know she is safe and in good hands until I get off work.



Amelia after her bath.

I picked up Amelia after work, she was bathed and groomed, she was a pretty little angel. When we got home Amelia had a nice big healthy meal and had a nice padded warm bed.  The next day she was accepted by a rescue. Amelia has been fixed and needs her teeth cleaned. She has limes disease and is now on antibiotics for treatment. She is going to her forever home very soon, where she will be loved and cherished until the  end of her days.




Amelia in her foster home. Amelia is a sweet little girl. She loves to be on the lap of her human. She gets along with other dogs and children, and is afraid of kittens.  Rescue Express stepped up to find her a great home www.rescueexpress.org . If you would like to help out with Amelia’s care or if you would like to see if you can give her a great forever home, or one of the other very deserving dogs, please go to their site.

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