LolPop the Dog.

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Today’s session is about Lolpop The Dog.
We have Henretta Ross talking about how she saved Lolpop.
I was born in 2005, the young pup of a terrier and possibly a border collie. Not long after my birth, I was taken from my mother, brothers and sisters and sent off to live with a human.

Pamela, my human couldn’t use her legs so she used one of those things humans sit on in their homes, those comfy things that us dogs like to sit on too but hers had wheels attached to it so it moved and helped her get about. She had another thing with wheels and when she pressed a button it made her whiz fast. It would take her to places a little farther away.

She lived in a small flat and the walls were filled with dozens of shiny pictures that she liked to stroke. Huge shiny pictures of just one human, a tall human with thick black hair that stuck up at the front of his head. There was one picture that was different though, it had different humans on it and she told me I had been named after them. She had called me Lola.

I moved into her flat where I lived with her, her two birds and a solitary cat (I hate cats). Initially I was excited, having a new home and many new sights, sounds and most importantly sniffs to become accustomed to. My human, everyone called her Pamela was happy, enjoying getting to know me and discovering what it was like to have a puppy.

It didn’t last. I was an energetic and inquisitive puppy. I wanted to play constantly and explore everything around me. I wanted lots of cuddles and long interesting walks. Pamela would become tired of playing with me quite quickly due to her health and would get frustrated with all my exploring especially if I went too far and ruined things by chewing them incessantly. The walks were too much for someone whose legs didn’t work properly and trying to train me to not pee or poop in the house proved very difficult. She became more and more cross as I left delightful surprises for her around the house.

Eventually, the playing and exploring stopped as I became scared of upsetting Pamela. I didn’t want her to get cross with me. The walks stopped too and I was only occasionally allowed out into the small yard which was bare of toys or anything that interested me, there wasn’t even any grass. The rest of the time I was shut in a room – that room where humans make their food – with the door closed tight. I would get anxious and scratch violently at the door but Pamela wouldn’t let me out.

One day, Pamela got up as usual, put me in the kitchen after I had had a pee outside and then left the flat by herself, carrying a small thing on her shoulder filled with stuff. Female humans seem to like these things. I didn’t know where she was going but I assumed that she would be back soon. The day wore on and it got dark, but there was no sign of her. I started to feel scared. I had pooped and pee’d quite a lot so the flat was smelly and I knew she would be cross. I had no food and my water was getting low.

Each day merged into the next as I lay around wondering where Pamela was. I had never been on my own for this long. I pulled things open in the food room, hoping to find something to eat but there was nothing. I tried to work out how I could get a drink but the thing where my water came from was too high up for me to reach. So I just lay about restlessly, listening for the door or any other sounds, listening to the cat meow (I hate cats) feeling frightened and lonely.

After what seemed like years but was actually two weeks,. I heard a nose at he front door one afternoon. I barked as loud as I could hoping it was Pamela or maybe someone else. Suddenly, the kitchen door opened and a male and female human stood looking at me silently. The human female looked and smelt like Pamela, so maybe they were related. I ran at them cautiously, jumping up and down, hoping they would cuddle me, feed me, give a drink, take me with them but they ignored me. All I could do was follow them around pathetically and watch as they picked things up and searched through things whilst continuously speaking to each other.

The female disappeared out of the room after a while so I lay down on the carpet watching the male human searching for things and listening to the female human who had gone out of the front door and was standing outside. I didn’t know what she was doing out there. Suddenly, I heard another voice. A new voice. It was female and this human was softly spoken and quiet. I liked the sound of her voice. I wanted to run down the hall to investigate but I held back as I had never been out of the front door and I was dubious of the humans I had met so far.

I head footsteps coming towards me, the new human was nervous; I could smell her fear as her footsteps got closer. Then she was in front of me. The human who smelt liked Pamela went over to her male human whilst the new female human stood in front of me. I ran at her, even though I knew she was scared. I could sense that behind the fear, this human was different. She stroked me gently on the top of my head as I jumped up and down her legs barking loudly and then excitedly ran round and round her legs. Her mouth bent into that u-shape that humans do when they’re happy and she made funny noises and talked to me. Then she whispered something and left abruptly. I was unbelievably sad. I lay back down on the floor feeling forlorn, wondering where she had gone, hoping she was going to come back.

It felt like hours but just when I thought she would never return she came back. She spoke to the other humans and they walked into the kitchen where they put my bowls and food and biscuits into a thing that made a crinkling noise and then placed that thing you humans use to keep me close to you when you take me for a walk on top. Next, the nice female human walked over to me and bent down to give me kiss and a cuddle. ‘Come on then’ she said. I didn’t understand what she meant but she kept patting her leg and looking at me, calling me softly, so I followed her. We left Pamela’s flat together and then went out and around a corner. There were a long line of those things that humans climb up and down one at a time, but we dogs bound up quite quickly. I ran up them and waited at the top. Then more walking until a new door was opened and I ran though into a flat I had never been into before.

Although, I was distressed, hungry, thirsty, confused, I began to realize that I had new home over the next couple of days. I had my very own bed which I had never had before and lovely soft, warm blankets. I was fed twice a day and had a huge bowl of cold water to drink from. I even went for quite a few walks which were so much fun and I had toys which I could play and even my female human played with me.

If my female human who’s name is Henrietta hadn’t saved me in 2007, I would have ended up in a dog’s home or on the street. Pamela had been unwell and she had gone to see a human doctor the day she left but had become more ill and died. The two humans who came to the flat two weeks later were Pamela’s relatives but they didn’t want a dog of their own and were not interested in what happened to me. After I left, they were supposed to call someone to take away the cat (I hate cats) but they didn’t and the cat was left in the flat by itself for another two weeks until the RSPCA intervened.

I don’t know why some humans don’t care and it makes me sad. Thankfully my humans (I have a lovely male human too now) do love and care about me and I am looked after much better. Pamela thought having a puppy would make her less lonely but the reality of having me was different to her fantasies and she couldn’t cope. It’s not her fault, it just shows that if people really want a dog, they need to know what to expect and not be naïve about the amount of time and care that we will need.

Henrietta changed my name to lolpop not long after she had me as she didn’t think Lola suited me. She did tell me about the song Lola. I have heard another song a few times since then and it’s got a word in it that I like a lot. To me it means lots of cuddles and kisses, lovely food and biscuits, cold drinks, long walks, sniffs and endless playtimes with my humans. I have a lot of it in my life now and I hope other woofs do too! It goes like this.

All you need is love
All you need is love
All you need is love, love
Love is all you need.

John Lennon.
Copyright © Henrietta M Ross, my big female human keeping me and my work safe.

Lolpop’s Bio:

Woof There! My name is Lolpop. Although I do go by other names such as Dog Face, Little Wolf and even Trouble. I was born nine years ago so my humans say although no one is quite sure who to, the only thing we know for sure is I’m part terrier. I’m dark brown, with white paws and chest and a black stripe down my back.  My ears look like Batfink’s wings and I have a long black tail with a white tip which helps my humans to see me in the dark. I also like to wag it. I’m incredibly fit and healthy for my age with no health problems and apparently I have marvellous teeth. ☺

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Thank you Henrietta and Lolpop, that is a great story.
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