Mama Petunia The story of an abused dog.


It’s been one month since I’ve crossed rainbow bridge. Jasmine and Snapdragon were too weak to carry on and have joined me at the bridge. As a mama you never leave your pups side, I have 7 lil angels to protect my babies there on earth. Wha…tever ounce of energy that was left in me when I passed, I sent to Huck, Caine and my darling Tulip. I watch them every day from the heavens. I miss them dearly but have full confidence in the human hands that touch them. This picture was taken of me on March 26th, 2 days after I entered the pound and 2 days before IPR rescued me. I was so thankful someone came for me. I kept telling the lil ones to hold on a few more days, someone would hear my prayers. I can see my caregivers weeping at times; for me, my lost babies and for the countless others that are abused. I wish they knew how magical rainbow bridge was. I don’t want them to be worried for me. My fur is shiny and full, my burns are healed and my heart is whole again. The love I received on earth put all the broken pieces back together. I never doubted the humans that surrounded me..the love was so strong our hearts all grew bigger. Please learn from my story and know you can make a difference no matter how small it is nor the outcome. People believed in me and took a chance to try to save my life. Keep sharing my story as well as others that desperately need a voice. I promise you, your heart will also grow bigger. Thank you for loving me (us) through the sadness. Forever indebted Mama Petunia. ♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡
This is Petunia. She was 3 years old. Her face tells a story of animal cruelty. She was burned and beaten, all while pregnant with a litter of 10 puppies. “I was burned badly over 25% of my body. I was also hit by a car while I was pregnant with my pups.”

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