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Here at Daisy’s Rescue, we are always trying to help you and rescues. We are now featuring dogs from rescue’s that are looking for their forever homes. We are asking rescues to send us a picture of the dog they would like us to feature. At this time we are requesting just one dog from each rescue at this time. We are hoping to make this a regular feature. More importantly we are hoping to help some very deserving dogs find homes.

Another feature that we are trying to establish is “Senior Sunday”. Here are are going to feature Senior dogs that need forever homes. Senior’s are great dogs and deserve a nice loving home to spend their retirement. Please help us make this happen! We are asking all dog rescues to send us a picture and a bio of a deserving Senior and we will feature them every Sunday on our site.

These features are important to us, we really want to help dogs get their forever homes, but we need your help! If you are a rescue, if you know of a rescue, if you know some one who knows someone who knows a rescue, have them contact us and or send us a picture and bio on a Senior.

This wed site, Daisy’s Rescue, was created to help you, the everyday, down in the trenches dog rescuer and the everyday ordinary to extraordinary dog companion. The articles here are to help each other learn and make life easier for all of us involved in rescue or the care of a dog. We welcome comments, we welcome ideas, please share your experiences. If you share your experience and it keeps me from making a mistake or doing something a harder way, then we have succeeded. I can’t stress this enough, this site is here for you, for all of us, with the goal of taking better care of dogs.

There are so many people out there that are doing extraordinary things, helping dogs. From protesting pet stores selling puppy mill puppies to adopting and caring for special needs dogs, we want to hear your story, your experiences, the way you do things. Future articles are going to contain info on how to set up a protest, how to get the supplies needed for protests, how to make complaints against puppy mills, how to prepare to be a foster family, how to set up dog transports, and much much more. We plan to have interviews with some really amazing people telling their stories. This is an exciting time for Daisy’s Rescue as we continue to gain a following each and every day. We could not be here without you. Thank you for all of your continued support! Please keep doing what your doing to help dogs! Please keep spreading the word and share Daisy’s Rescue with your friends and fellow rescuers. You can follow us by email, Facebook and twitter.

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