Other Animal Advocates

Hello, this is where other animal advocate news will go. If the circus is coming to town or another animal rescue group wants to post some thing they are doing, I’ll put it here. The thing about having other animal groups posting is you can learn a lot from them and apply what they do to your cause or rescue. I learned how to go on the USDA APHIS web site from an animal rescue seminar at University of Pennsylvania by SAEN (Stop Animal Exploitation Now). They are an animal lab advocacy group. They talked bout protesting, writing news releases, looking up animal labs and inspection violations by the USDA APHIS, on their web site.

To be honest there are so many causes to fight for, each is just as important as the other, especially for the animals that are being tortured, neglected and abused. There is animal labs, primates in labs, dogs in labs, Horse pulled carriages in cities, birds in captivity, circus’s, zoo’s, pet stores selling dogs, pet stores selling small animals, puppy mills, kill shelters, exotic animals in private collections, dog fighting, bear baiting, aquarium’s, dolphin’s in captivity, just to name a few. Since there are so many, I could spend one day on each and I would not have enough time to make a difference. So, I have chosen to concentrate on dog rescue. Even with dog rescue there are so many areas that make up dog rescue. I belong to a nation dog rescue and the people involve with the rescue do not and will not work to end puppy mills, they are so busy saving the neglected dogs from the mills and owner surrender and shelter pulls. The other side is, that the mills will call certain rescues to take dogs that they no longer want instead of killing the dogs or worse, neglecting and allowing the dogs to starve to death. The fear of the rescuer’s is that, if the rescuer’s complaint to the mills about their treatment of the dogs, or if the rescuer’s contact authorities about the mills, the mills will no longer give the dogs to rescue. It is a “catch 22″ situation. If the rescuer’s complain and contact regulating agencies about the mills, one of two things will happen, 1, The mill will be fined and maybe shut down (not likely, as most charges of animal cruelty gets very light punishments from judges regardless of what the laws allow), 2. Nothing will happen and the mill no longer gives up the dogs.

If you are like me, you have to lead a double life. I rescue dogs with the national group and I follow all their rules, then on my own time, not representing the rescue, I do my protesting, puppy mill investigations and sick dog reportings. I’m always very clear when I talk to people who “know my two identities”, which person I am at that moment and who I am representing. I work really hard not to combine the two, ever.

So any other tpe of animal advocay will be going here. If you ave any questions please feel free to ask. I may not always explain everthing as clearly as needed or I may assume that you may know what I’m talking about. If you have any tips or experiences please share so we can all learn. Thank you. Hope to hear from you soon.  

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