Over Nighting Dogs for Transports

Another part of transporting dogs, is to overnight a dog. This means that some dogs are being transported such a distance that they can’t get to where they are going in a reasonable time, so they need to stay somewhere over night and continue on their way the next day. The requirements are almost the same as when you are doing a transport.

The main thing you must remember is to, isolate / quarantine the dog or dogs on transport from your own pack. These dogs are tired, confused, scared, and stressed. These dogs do not understand what is going on. They are dehydrated and hungry. Some may need to have medication given to them. This is your job.

You have picked up the dog, transported him to your home and now you are going to keep him over night. I call the transport coordinator and let them know the dog is safe and in for the night. I then call the sending person and see if the dog needs anything not listed in the paperwork. I take the dog out of the vehicle and I walk the dog or take the dog to my fenced in back yard. I let the dog relax and wander around a little bit. I make sure I pick up and dispose of the dogs waste. It is very important to pick up and dispose of the dogs waste. You do not want to expose your dogs to worms or other parasites that the visiting dog may have. While taking care of this dog, you need to protect your dogs. Once the dog is settled, I also contact the receiving person and give them a report on how the dog is doing. I don’t want anone to worry about how he is doing. You will find that people really appreciate you calling them and updating them on how the dog is doing. Remember, some one or maybe a bunch of people care about this dog. My dogs are family, I treat all dogs as if they are some one’s family, because they are.

It is important to take the dog to an area that is able to be kept clean and easy to clean and sanitize. I use my kitchen. I have tile flooring that is easily kept clean. I learned this next tip from a fellow rescuer, that I was talking to on a transport. Buy a few shower curtains at a dollars store. I used a tarp prior to finding out about the shower curtain. Put the curtain on the floor, put pee pads on top of the curtain. I then put a dog exercise penover the pee pads and curtain. The “Ex Pen”, then contains the dog in an area where he will be safe, and contained. I then put up a pet gateacross the opening to get into the kitchen. This keeps my pack away from the “Ex Pen”. The dog does not need the added stress of my pack checking him out. We make sure that he has plenty of water and we encourage him to drink, as the dog is most likely dehydrated. We offer him food. The dog should have food with him. Use this food, so the dog does not developed GI issues. If the dog is not interested in his food, help him out a little.

I always keep home made chicken broth on hand. I buy ground chicken and I boil it in a large pot of water. I remove the chicken and freeze it for future use. I wait until the water from boiling then chicken cools (chicken broth). When cool, I pour the broth into ice cube trays and freeze. when frozen I put them in a gallon freezer bag and I put them in the freeze for future use. I always have a bag of broth on hand.

When an of my dogs won’t eat, or a new dog won’t eat, I get a few cubes of broth, I put them in a bowl and I microwave the cubes until they turn to liquid, I pour the broth on the food. It is very rare that a dog does not like the broth on his food. Usually the food is gone in seconds.

I put blankets and towels in the “Ex Pen” for bedding. I don’t used dog beds, as they are harder to clean and sanitize. We also keep some new toys around. We give the toy to the dog and he will take it with him. We make sure we take the dog out a few times to potty. We pick up any waste. We leave him in the pen to sleep.

My first over night was crazy and I had no idea what I was doing. I did buy a tarp, I did lay down pee pads. I did have an “Ex Pen”. The dogs were supposed to be small puppies of 10 to 20 pounds.

12-11-2010 Paws to the Rescue Sunshine 4 over niht (12)

They were severely dehydrated and extremely thin. We spent most of the night feeding the dogs and getting them hydrated.

In the morning the dogs get breakfast, walked and loaded into the truck for the rest of the transport. I call the sending person, receiving person and the coordinator to report on how the dog did over night and that he is on the road again. I then call the person that I’m going to meet and make sure that they are going to meet me.

The beauty of the dollar store shower curtain is, once you are done using it you wrap everything up in the curtain and throw everything into the trash. Everything is contained, no mess. I still clean and sanitize the tile floor, just in case.


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