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Today’s session is about Reiki.

When I tell people that I practice Reiki, most get a questioning look on their face. People’s responses range from a simple “I don’t know what that is” to the more comical “Well you can come Rake-y my yard!” And believe me, I laugh with them.
Reiki, in the simplest term, is an ancient Japanese energy healing technique. “Rei” means “Divine” and “Ki” means “Life Energy”. What happens during a session is that I place my hands on certain spots of the body of the animal or person I am working on, and call on the Earth’s energy to come flow through my body (like a conduit) and out of my hands. The energy then flows where the body needs it the most.
Reiki has many benefits: reduces stress, promotes relaxation, lowers blood pressure, accelerates the body’s self-healing abilities, helps in pain relief, helps with acute injuries and chronic issues, supports the immune system and aids in better sleep.
Now, I will not say that Reiki alone will cure all. However, you WILL hear me say that it works well in conjunction with other modalities. It helps to get everything kick-started and maintain things.
While Reiki is not considered main stream, it IS becoming more recognized and accepted. One only has to believe in the intent for it to work.
Reiki can be performed by anyone who has been trained by a Reiki Master. There are 3 degrees:

1st Degree – you learn how to heal on a physically level
2nd Degree – you learn how to heal on a mental and emotional level, and learn how to perform
distant (or absentee) healing.
3rd Degree – Master level. You learn to heal on a spiritual level, make Reiki a way of life, and
you have the ability to teach others.

Many people will take the 1st and 2nd degree and then stop, not continuing on to the Master level. That is ok. Teaching isn’t everyone’s forte and one can be a successful Reiki practitioner without being a Master.

Thank you so much for allowing me to tell you about what I love to do!

If anyone is interested in having a Reiki session for themselves or their pet(s), or, if you have any questions, please visit my website:, or you can email me at

Take care and Blessed Be!

Thank you Kerry for such a great and informing article.

Healing Souls Reiki

Kerry Morony has been a practicing Reiki Master since 2010 and also has been a certified veterinary technician for the past 15 years. She delights in helping all souls, human and animal, with her favorite being horses.

Kerry literally goes the extra mile for her clients, traveling all over the state of New Jersey, including parts of New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland.

Kerry is conveniently located in the South Jersey area.

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