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Today’s session is about the dog rescue organization “Save A Yorkie Inc.” serving Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

My name is Marilyn Faughner and that is my sweetheart, Donnie. We are the Founders of Save A Yorkie Rescue, Inc.I have adored Yorkies since I saw one perched on someone’s lap as a child.My husband Donnie, Treasurer and co-founder of our rescue, remembered my fascination with the breed and found one for sale in a newspaper ad in 1982.She cost me every penny of my life’s savings but I didn’t care; I cashed in everything to buy her from a back yard breeder. She was the best thing I ever invested in. Worth every penny and more.
Her name was Buffy, Ewok a Doggie, The Wonder Dog.She was the quintessential Yorkie – tiny, bossy, and loyal. She was the typical Yorkie bitch, domineering, demanding, stubborn and adorable.
I loved her with all of my heart.She was everything to me for almost 18 years. By 17, I knew the end was coming at me and I could not live without her. Buffy was blind, deaf and though she ate well, she tottered delicately on spindly legs. I knew my arms would ache with emptiness without her and that was inconceiveable to me.And so began my world wide search for another Yorkie puppy. I was like everyone else trying to find a healthy Yorkie. Visiting breeders, attending Yorkie specialities, quizzing other Yorkie owners, talking to my veterinarian – I begged for information, for contacts, for help in finding my next precious one. What did I get? A lot of cold shoulders! The Yorkie professionals were far too busy minding their business to educate me. I was so ignorant of the breed, it should have been illegal! Even though I had cared for Buffy, there was so much I didn’t know and no one had the time to teach me.
I was desolate and frustrated. How could I find a good healthy Yorkie when no one would tell me where to find one?Then it hit me like a Yorkie tearing after a Great Dane! Teach YOURSELF! Of course I could. Of course I should. Of course I would.  AND I DID! Every book, email chat room, Yorkie specialty, show judge, website, breeder, every Yorkie owner, every venue, everywhere, every thing I could find on the breed, I read it. I inhaled it. I crammed the information into every corner of my brain.I even quizzed the Queen Mother of Yorkiedom – Terry Shumsky and bought her book.  AND THEN I was armed for battle and I went searching for MY Yorkie.
After much research, I found his breeder online. But I didn’t stop there. I researched her history, her reputation, and her references until I knew what to expect from her line. Her credentials were impeccable. Her foundation sire was a finished champion in several countries. I followed her successes in shows in New York and met her long before I asked for one of her puppies. Because I had done my homework, I could “talk” Yorkie with her with ease. Still, it took me three weeks to convince her that I would be a good mom to one of her kids.
I had seen her dogs, in all their splendor, and I knew what to expect. When she asked me which dog I wanted I was ready. “I know your line, I said,  “Any dog you send to me will be perfect,” I replied. And so it was- without ever seeing a picture of any kind.   She sent me my dearest little Rascal Rudy. You can see his picture below – see what I mean? He is perfection. I loved him beyond words. He was my solace when Buffy could no longer stand. When she faced the Bridge, I held her tenderly, kissed her and cried bitter tears. The tears were for me, not for Buffy, who went to the Bridge on January 9, 2000, because it was her time. I know I will meet her there when my time comes.
 It was just Rudy and Donnie and I for awhile. Rudy seemed to miss Buffy’s grouchy presence. He loved to torment her when he wanted her to play.So without hesitation, I called my breeder again to ask for another of her treasures.She knew I was over the moon about Rudy to the point of insanity so she was not sure that a second Yorkie could be loved and given the attention he deserved.

She had just one request: that I love the second little one for his own sake, in his own right, and not as a second dog, a ‘pet’ for Rudy. I promised her to love the new comer just as he was. She had a special one in mind. She carried him in her sweater pocket and called him TiQ. I am not sure what that meant to her, but I call him TQ ’cause he is TOO QUTE!!  He, too, is perfection, see his picture below. The two of them went to obedience classes to learn their words and manners. We all played school every day so they wouldn’t forget their lessons.

(Rudy passed away on October 3, 2012. I held him when he went and even months later, I cry every day for my beloved Rudy. TiQ was still wobbley at 14 and he just passed away in my arms on October 17, 2013.  He could not see, he could not hear and he could not breathe – his time had come. Both of my cherished Yorkies are gone. I am bereft. Luckily I still have old One Eyed Max and my creamy peanut butter colored Romey who I adopted two years ago. )

And so we were, a happy Yorkie family, smug with success in our research. We had done it! We had purchased the best of the breed and they were so beautiful my throat ached when I gazed at them. Then one momentous day, a casual comment by a passing stranger changed my life, my family’s life and many hundreds of people’s lives.                      A thoughtful lady noticed my two boys,  my gorgeous Yorkies, and admiring them, asked if I had “rescued” them.“Rescue?” A YORKIE!??!!She had to be kidding!!!!! WHO would have to rescue a Yorkie. It’s like saying you have to rescue a Rolls Royce. Who would throw away or abuse one of these adorable little dogs?With a sad, knowing smile, she whispered, “Their owners die too.”Like a lightning bolt I understood. It was a revelation!  I never thought of it or heard of it. 

Of course there were Yorkies whose owners died and left them with no place to go. As I thought about it, I realized that there were many reasons a Yorkie might need a new home: If a senior went to a nursing home, or a family moved to an apartment or if a military person was deployed overseas, divorce, loss of a job, … etc. etc. etc. There must be many Yorkies who needed a home. Why hadn’t I thought of this? Ignorant and uninformed, I had purchased my boys from a good breeder. But now – I could not rest until I found out more about helping homeless Yorkies.

And so it began. I gave this new mission every bit as much dedication as I had my search for Yorkie information. I found Yorkie rescues in many places. Working with several different rescues, I helped to place dozens of Yorkies. Then my husband suggested that I start my own rescue. The thought overwhelmed me but I couldn’t stand the thought of any Yorkie in a shelter, scared and alone.They needed my help, and by God, I was not going to let them down.My husband, Donnie and I started Save A Yorkie Rescue, Inc. on January 1, 2002. Since that day we have saved over 2500 Yorkies. And more come in everyday. I added to my brood too. First came Cody, Cody Co Co Puff who came to me with a badly broken leg. He was a foster but I failed Fostering 101 and Cody stayed with us. Much later, I failed fostering 102 by keeping Maxatawny (who is not scrawny, in fact he’s quite brawny, just like his daddy, Donnie) Max is 18 and we adopted Romey – my beautiful peanut butter colored Yorkie boy. My arms are full. Now this is where YOU come in. If you want to help SAVE a Yorkie, contact me, we’ll carry on the mission together.

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